Revengeance analysis video “Give War A Chance”

Here’s a thoughtful commentary on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and action games that posture as “intellectual”.  It’s an interesting take on the subtext of Revengeance (yes, apparently it has some!) in which the “true nature” of action games is explored.

Give credit to Chris Wagar from GatherYourParty for this.

Unbelievable masterpiece: Metal Gear Cliff Notes part III is out now!!

What can I say about the work that Mr. Lázaro Martinez here?  Aside from literally laughing out loud at the jokes and feeling inspired to think seriously about just how crazy the original Metal Gear really was, I just have to be insanely jealous.  This is crazy, man.  He’s even got lips synchronized, facial expressions, and so much other extra goodies which I happen to know were not in the original script (but which are hilarious) I feel lucky to have been part of the first “Cliff Notes” video series.  That cameo of Ravi Singh is priceless too, this guy really knows how to do a likeness!!

Please do this guy a favor and share this with as many people as you can.  Make the thing spread around the internet like you know it should!

Incredible MGS cosplay

Kojima posted a bunch of pictures showing the best cosplayers from some promotional event in France, along with a slashed up police car.  The cosplay is frankly stunning.

There are too many awesome tweets and pictures to share them all here, but I picked my three favorite images, which include a downright sexy Sniper Wolf, a top-notch Psycho Mantis, and — best of all — a frickin’ MGS1 polygonal version costume!






I used to make fun of the cosplayers for being lazy, out of shape, and incompetent, but these (presumably French) people are legitimately incredible.

Critical Close-up: Metal Gear Solid

You know, I never really talk about MGS1 or the two old MSX games that came before it.  To me, the juicy part of the series (from an analytical point of view) began with MGS2, and I’ve always wanted to do that justice first.  But the folks over at BunnyHop have done a pretty great job with their 2 part video critique:

I found myself shrugging pretty frequently when it nitpicks on retroactive continuity choices or points out the unoriginality of the game.  While everything they say is true, and although the amount of research done is fantastic, I feel like it was put in there to demonstrate how knowledgeable they were, without much of a point.  The final evaluation is positive of course.  I suppose the video is more of an explanation than an argument, and by that standard, it’s really helpful and smart!