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META GEAR has been around since 2008 as a repository for my theories, analysis, and opinions. It’s mostly about the Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima, and video games that I find interesting; but sometimes I post about tech culture, society, or world news. I’ve made a handful of comics, too. Guest articles are appreciated, and if you want to submit one or give me feedback, use this email: metagearsolid


The Snake Soup – One of the oldest and finest Metal Gear fansites, with a gigantic archive of news and articles

Threedogg on Twitch – The man who has played more Metal Gear than anyone else in the world

The Kojima Code:

After much anticipation, The Kojima Code is now becoming available for purchase! Get it in glorious Hardcover, Paperback, and digital formats from the biggest online retailers in the world, and Print-On-Demand in locations worldwide. Make sure to check out the options so you can get the format you want at the best value!

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If you like this site and want to support what I do, my Patreon page is here. If you enjoy something you see here, tell people about it! Share a link on your social media or a forum. I’m always happy to see the discussions that unfold when new people get introduced to my work.

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