No more mullet? Play as MGS1 Snake on the Tanker

Our friends over at CodeRed Interactive have officially released a mod — yes, one of those cool things that changes how a game plays — for Metal Gear Solid 2!

“How does that make any sense,” you ask?  Simple, it’s for the PC version of the game, and all you need to do is follow the instructions on the installer, which you can get at the bottom of their downloads page.  Here’s how it looks in action:

You’ll feel like you stepped right out of Shadow Moses and onto a boat.

Also if you want to have a say in what they do next, go watch this video and vote in their poll!

Part V (MGS2: A Complete Breakdown)


[Updated Nov 1/2012: GameTrailers today declared that Metal Gear Solid 2‘s ending was the third worst in game history!  A special note has been added to the end of the article.]

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11 years later, Otacon and Snake’s bro hug gets media attention

Here’s a strange one for you: GameInformer just posted a piece on the moment in Metal Gear Solid 2 when Snake and Otacon do their handshake and bro hug.  As far as I can tell, nothing prompted the article, but I did notice it was categorized under “moments”.  I guess they just pick random moments from gaming and write about them.

Perhaps I make too much of it, but I always find it funny when game sites look back fondly at MGS2, considering how much hate it generated in the media — that is to say, after all the asskissing they did at first.  Feelings toward the game seem to go up and down with the times, eh?  Funny how Snake Eater was all about shifting perceptions of the times…

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