The Phantom Pain’s Phantom Appeal

It’s what you DON’T see that makes it fascinating.  Negative space.  The words “METAL GEAR SOLID V” literally cut out of the title, instead of being shown front and center.  It’s brilliant, intriguing, and (hopefully) reflects a deeper theme within the game — of letting our imaginations go wild, for better or worse.

Is The Phantom Pain really Metal Gear Solid 5?  Or is that what we’re supposed to trick ourselves into thinking?

The Phantom Pain

Remember when Kojima talked about a “taboo” project that could potentially force him to leave the industry — the project which was eventually revealed to be the “devil” project?

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Why I Hate “The Last of Us” (Now With More Hate!)


[NOTE: Full review is on its way. This was a reaction to the initial E3 trailer and hype.]


[Added a second part.]

You’ve probably heard of The Last of Us by now, which means you’ve probably shrugged and said yeah, cool I guess.  It’s the gory post-apocalyptic PS3 exclusive developed by Naughty Dog, makers of the Uncharted series.  It’s already won a bunch of awards, including “Best of Show”, “Best Original Game”, “Best Console Game”, and “Best Action/Adventure Game” at this year’s E3.  There’s no doubt that it will be a highly polished, carefully crafted, and feature unparalleled voice acting and CINEMATIC CINEMATIC CINEMATIC.

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Ground Zeroes

I am excited.  Here’s some info from Joystiq.

So what else is new about Ground Zeroes? It’s a “prologue” to Metal Gear Solid 5, says Hideo Kojima. The open world of Ground Zeroes is literally the entire world – a helicopter can be called to help during missions or ferry Snake in and out of mission levels. Moreover, you can customize the music that the helicopter plays when it arrives to help you (“Flight of the Valkyries” played during the demo we were shown today – Kojima says the louder the song is, the more of a chance of you getting caught, so maybe Slayer wouldn’t be the best choice).

(Updated) Konami’s E3 Show features trailers, Mega64

Konami’s “Pre-E3 Show” is now available.  Interviews, trailers, and a great Mega64 skit are being shown.  We finally get to see more of Rising‘s gameplay, which looks very typical for this genre.  Sadly, level design seems to be ripped from the Nintendo 64 era.  Huge crates scattered around for no reason, allowing you to reach higher areas; generic wide city streets with nothing going on; a train chase; a scripted bridge collapse.  The rushed development schedule is evident, and so is the lack of ideas.

And in case you hadn’t figured it out, the theme of cutting everything and has been cut down as well.  The developers say that only enemies and certain background objects will be sliceable, meaning you shouldn’t be expecting to get too creative with your sword.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

I’ll be talking about the upcoming E3, Zone of the Enders, and a bunch more on my twitter.  I’ve started using it regularly, and I’ll be using it to announce new articles and such for your lazy ass.

The Opposite of Epic

The Opposite of Epic

Upcoming God of War installment original game Asura’s Wrath combines exotic Asian mythologies with over-the-top gameplay in an attempt to cash in on what I’ve come to refer to as “epicness pornography”.  Will the game industry ever escape this downward spiral of bombastic bullshit?  Apparently not.

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Metal Gear Rising: My wishes coming true!

The new Rising trailer is busy clogging up GameTrailers, and I have to say I am genuinely excited by it.

Why?  Because it seems that somebody was reading my Wish List, and decided to listen.

Just look at the list.

1. Change the name to Metal Gear Rising.  Check. (YES)

2.  Add PlayStation Move functionality.  Maybe, probably not.

3.  Climbing and big acrobatics.  Check.

4.  God of War style boss fights.  Check.

5.  Five new characters.  Getting there.

6.  A new Metal Gear end boss.  Probably.

My main concern was that the game was going to have a shred of dignity.  I don’t want that.  That’s why changing developers was a great move too.  I thought that would be asking too much, that’s why I didn’t put it on my list, but I applaud you Kojima Productions.

Metal Gear Rising always seemed to be flirting with the idea of being a Devil May Cry wannabe, and I’m glad they’ve boldly moved in that direction.  You can’t do a half-ass job of being “over-the-top”.  You either go all the way, or you don’t go at all.  I’m sure this new developer will have no shame making that happen.

“I think it’s time for Jack… To let ‘er rip!!”

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