Site redesign underway

Ah, Springtime!  It’s a time for new beginnings and fresh starts, don’t you think?  I do, and that’s why I decided it was time to update the site’s design.

I’m going to keep screwing around with it until I figure out how to make the blockquotes the right color, and some other things — I want to return to the classic look in essence.  It’s an amazing theme with tons of customization, and so I might fiddle around with a bunch of things over the next week.  Bear with me, it’s all for the better, children.

UPDATE: Is there anyone reading this who’s good at coding?  I fixed some things, then I screwed up something else, of course.  I have a couple of questions, please email me if you know your way around CSS.

No fan fiction! Plus status update

Just a note: there were zero submissions for the silly Fan Fiction Contest! You people obviously don’t give a damn about that stuff, and frankly I respect it.

So anyway, I’m wondering how good this new format is. I really like some aspects of it, such as the permanent links to news stories, tags and categories, but stuff like the disorienting “Continue reading” function is getting on my nerves, and it’s difficult to edit the format of the “grid” posts. Little things like that make me question the new format. I’d like some feedback, so if anybody wants to add comments, please do so. I think you just need a WordPress account.

I’m looking at Tumblr and other sites, and thinking that they’ve got some great functionality too, albeit with a really generic template and some drawbacks of their own.

In other news, between my regular day job, my constant keyboarding, and my videogame playing, I’m starting to get some kind of carpal tunnel shit going on with my hands, so that’s why I haven’t been writing more. Sucks, but I really need to cut down on the amount of typing I do right now. Oh well, maybe I’ll pick up a video camera and start making videos instead or something.

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