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The third issue of META GEAR FILE has a high power level. First of all I kick it oldschool with a classic Meta Gear style article that will make you laugh. Then it’s a trip down memory lane for me, as I show you some amazing concept art I drew back in high school (15 years ago or something). Then I call out Nintendo for not understanding the culture of 2020, which is an important message somebody should really share with them! Then there’s a lot more, including my thoughts on a couple of classic sci fi movies, and an upcoming project that you may be intrigued by.

(Also I just realized I haven’t been updating the “Issue #” at the page bottom. I’ll fix that going forward.)

What you’ll enjoy when you download the free 11 page PDF:

• Review: Giant Bomb’s Quick Look at Shakedown: Hawaii
• Memory Lane: Fighters Unite (high school concept art)
• Why Is Nintendo Still Trying To Have Fun?
• What I’m interested in lately

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In this second issue of META GEAR FILE I decided to take a good hard look at what the future could look like, by reflecting back on things I love. There is an appraisal of the current console race–if we can even call it that–and a few games that remind me of a time when I looked forward to what the future of games would be. To top it off, I decided I should share some thoughts on a movie I recently watched. It’s an old movie that seems to echo in today’s world, and which will no doubt grow in relevance with every passing month. Thank you to the Patreon supporters.

Here are the excellent features you will find in Issue #2:

Retro Bowl Review (mobile phone game)
Book of Aliens, Revival or Requiem?
• The Worst Console Race in History
• Taking Notes: Wag the Dog

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I’m very proud to introduce META GEAR FILE, a new project that allows me to publish a series of articles, updates, commentaries, and writings released in document form, that you can download. It is kindly supported by my generous Patreon supporters. New articles, updates, and features released as a PDF. To learn more, download it now. To support this project and help cover this website’s hosting costs, go to my Patreon page.

Here’s the excellent content you will find in Issue #1:

• Special Introduction
• What I Want From Breath of the Wild 2
• “This Town’s Not Big Enough…” (Book snippet)
• What I’m interested in these days
• Kojima’s canceled project?

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