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The third issue of META GEAR FILE has a high power level. First of all I kick it oldschool with a classic Meta Gear style article that will make you laugh. Then it’s a trip down memory lane for me, as I show you some amazing concept art I drew back in high school (15 years ago or something). Then I call out Nintendo for not understanding the culture of 2020, which is an important message somebody should really share with them! Then there’s a lot more, including my thoughts on a couple of classic sci fi movies, and an upcoming project that you may be intrigued by.

(Also I just realized I haven’t been updating the “Issue #” at the page bottom. I’ll fix that going forward.)

What you’ll enjoy when you download the free 11 page PDF:

• Review: Giant Bomb’s Quick Look at Shakedown: Hawaii
• Memory Lane: Fighters Unite (high school concept art)
• Why Is Nintendo Still Trying To Have Fun?
• What I’m interested in lately

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