Update: Whoops! I got blacklisted from Metal Gear Mondays!

In a perfect world, everybody gets to have their own opinions and stand up for what they believe in, but as we’re finding out more often these days, everything is politicized and people are forced to choose sides. I think that’s a bit of a tragedy, because agree or disagree, we learn by sharing our views, talking things through, and hashing out differences. I know that’s challenging for people who want to maintain a certain image, protect their reputation, and limit their associations.

As everybody knows who has listened to my repeated interviews on Metal Gear Mondays over the course of the last year, I am a fan of those boys and took great joy in discussing my book with them, along with Kojima and Death Stranding. I know they enjoyed it too.

From the start I was quite impressed Metal Gear Mondays was generous enough to have me on as their very first guest, and I thanked them as much as I could because I respected their courage to take a chance on me and I knew it was charitable of them. Since then, the entire time I dealt with them they have been supremely kind, down to earth, and fun to talk to. As their most frequent guest I felt a brotherhood growing, and the fact that at least one of my episodes was their most popular episode of all time blew me away! With such giant guests on as David Hayter and Cam Clarke it’s almost inconceivable to me. The last thing we talked about was a potential collaboration on a series of more direct one-on-one interviews to get deeper into some of the games and topics. And heck, considering they were the ones offering that to me, I think it’s fair to say all of us were on great terms.

Well a few days later I realized the links to the episode didn’t work anymore, and I did some investigation assuming there was a mistake. What I ended up finding was this announcement made in their community:


If you’re as confused as I am, at least you’re in good company: nobody I’ve talked to can even figure out what this is even referring to. We had more positive reactions to the latest episode, and in it we all joked about the virus. Fans on twitter were excited about my big announcement. I didn’t see any outraged reactions on twitter, just some Death Stranding fans who weren’t happy with my assessment and didn’t understand the points I was making. I’ll get back to what I think happened later.

Now obviously I could take this personally or make a fuss about it, but I really don’t have any problem with it. These are chill young guys who have made a name for themselves, they have Patreon supporters, and they listen to their fans as if they’re shareholders, I suppose. That’s never been how I’ve run my own site, but I can see how pressure and negative associations is extremely delicate these days. If cutting me out of their podcast is the best choice for their brand and they believe I’ve crossed some kind of line that disqualifies me from their platform, there’s no foul there.

What I will say is that I’m a very open-minded person, completely responsive to objections and contrasting points of view. If the people who are supposedly offended by my opinions have an objection, they can come talk to me. If they have good points I’ll listen. My stance on things often fluctuates from week to week because I see contrasting points of view. I follow accounts from all sides, and all around the world. My track record on the pandemic proves that. I’m looking at every side of the story and haven’t even made up my mind on it. Why would I? There’s always more information and ideas coming to surface. As an investigative mind, I want to hear all sides of the story, and I’m constantly looking deeper into what’s going on. If somebody can point me to an infallible source of truth on a currently-unfolding global crisis, please do!

In the meantime, I’ve seen several people on Twitter remark that trolls are going around trying to smear and discredit users who have objected to the Chinese Communist Party and their surrogates during this pandemic, specifically trying to cause damage to people who don’t play along with the narrative. Whether I’ve become a target for them or not, I just know that it wouldn’t be the first time a coordinated group of losers went around to contacts of mine trying to sabotage perfectly good relationships.

Below is just one of many examples of people allegedly being targeted with censorship right now. (Update: tweet was removed.) Is this thanks to foreign governments trying to interfere in our freedom of speech? This guy’s video was about China’s lies during this crisis, and in fact that’s what his whole account is about. Ask yourself: isn’t it possible that the Chinese Communist Party, who are the world’s #1 violator of human rights over the last 50 years, would use their countless online servants to troll, harass, censor, and steer the conversation around a pandemic? Just ask the people of Tibet or Hong Kong whether the Chinese government is honest.

<The tweet was deleted, so here is his Twitter account>

I don’t know if Reddit took down this video out of obedience to the CCP or how the system works. But it’s a pattern I see, and it’s enough to make me question. And in regards to the seriousness of the virus, there are other known concerns that must be weighed, such as the tens of thousands of suicides that are predicted if the pandemic is allowed to destroy the middle class and wipe out a century of prosperity.

And here’s a New York City doctor named Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell working in his own Intensive Care Unit at this time. He’s making an emergency report that the entire concept behind the virus being a contagious germ that creates pneumonia doesn’t add up with what he’s witnessing. Instead, he says that the the ventilators people are on might be causing lung damage and making things worse, that the patients seem to be suffering from lack of oxygen as if from altitude sickness, and more:

Am I supposed to ignore this kind of bombshell information directly from the frontline professionals? This doctor’s courage and actions could be the key to saving hundreds of thousands of lives. It completely contradicts the prevailing narrative, the Chinese government, the WHO (World Health Organization), the CDC, the Trump administration, and everyone else. It raises questions, it doesn’t answer them. (The video will probably be taken down soon, and I will reupload it to Bitchute if it is.)

Anyway, the point is that the episodes are no longer available, I’m grateful to the MGM family for the great times we had, and I wish them all the best going forward in this crazy period of illusions and censorship of ideas. I’m personally working full time in a high risk job during this pandemic and exposing myself to danger to help people every day, praying that I stay healthy and avoid getting the virus. Not only do I follow all the policies for staying safe and taking it seriously, but I’ve been advising my company on how to improve their policies and make things even safer. I hope everyone at MGM and their families manage to get through this pandemic without getting hit by it, and same goes for their listeners and my own devoted haters.

Whatever happens from here, whoever is proven right or wrong by history, and whatever my tiny reputation becomes during this attack on mankind, it doesn’t change my spirit of endlessly questioning the established narratives. In fact, I’d argue that it’s exactly during a time of upheaval and crisis that questioning is more important than ever. Where those questions lead, nobody yet knows, but if we don’t challenge the narrative we all walk blindly down a path that others make for us. That’s more dangerous than anything to me, because history shows where that can take a population.

Some day I could see myself going back on the MGM podcast if they want to put this behind us, and maybe we could all explain what we learned and why we said things at the time. If not, it was still a pleasure and a privilege to shoot the breeze with Alessio, Sam, Cole, Zach, and Chris.

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Here’s a fascinating breakdown of how Bill Gates has seemingly bought his way into control of the World Health Organization, how he influences Dr. Fauci who heads up Trump’s science team, and his outlook on how many people have to be killed or sterilized in order to save the world.

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David Icke pandemic theory

Just to be clear, I’ve never been a fan of David Icke. His views always ended up bordering on paranormal, spiritualism, New Age kind of stuff that I don’t endorse. But when somebody tries to tell me I can’t even talk or hear about alternative views to the mainstream narrative, I go directly the other way and seek out the alternative. So above is a link to LondonReal’s interview (archived page here in case it disappears) with David Icke, in a massive in-depth discussion of the pandemic. I don’t endorse his views, theories, or claims, but I sure as hell will give him the chance to explain his point of view.

Here’s the original post before they blacklisted me:

It was wonderful to come back on Metal Gear Mondays with Sam, Cole, Zach, and Chris to discuss Death Stranding in depth for the first time since the game’s release late last year. We talk about my “Going Astray” article and look back on what Kojima may have been dealing with during the game’s development.

But there’s also a HUGE announcement at the end of the episode that you can’t miss! You have to listen to find out, so what are you waiting for? Get comfy in quarantine and check it out.


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