A Note On Cultural Marxism

In the introduction of THE KOJIMA CODE I mention that video games are currently under attack by “students of Critical Theory and Cultural Marxism”, specifically meaning activist bloggers, critics, pundits, and public personalities who have learned this ideology in University (officially or under its various guises) and adopted its views. I’ve written several articles with this subject in view as well over the years. However, in the interim between writing these words and the book’s eventual publication in 2017 a lot had changed in the world of search engine results and political lexicon.

It’s well known by now — even exposed by insiders — that Google, Wikipedia, and many other formerly trusted sources of information dramatically shifted their priority from giving users the most accurate information to instead controlling political discussions and eliminating ideas that were deemed inconvenient to the fringe left political establishment and billionaire funded interest groups. Phrases, terms, and ideas that were in common usage have been erased from results pages or their entries were redirected to partisan propaganda outlets. A truly dystopian reminder of the power of digital tyranny and corruption, fitting for a discussion of Metal Gear Solid 2.


One example is the infamous “covfefe” tweet that President Trump made. Immediately people exploded in glee and mockery, and the ideologues at Wikipedia jumped to creating an entire Wikipedia page devoted only to the one tweet to as if it was an unforgettable world event. Every mention of it from anti-Trump pundits got immortalized on the World’s Encyclopedia. But it didn’t take long before intelligent people asked what the word “covfefe” actually means, and Trump himself asked people to look up the meaning, and that’s when things got interesting.

Look at how arrogant and insipid the discussion page is when somebody tried to genuinely bring up the question of the phrase’s meaning:

This is how deranged the editors of Wikipedia truly are. For as long as its had its Arabic translation available, Google Translate had been translating Cov Fe’fe into “I will stand up”. Whether or not the translation is 100% accurate is completely irrelevant, because that would be Google’s fault for misleading people, and exonerate Trump either way. The only question is whether Donald Trump made a random typo, or whether he was using Google’s translation program to come up with that tweet. As it turns out he most likely did, since it’s nearly impossible that anyone would fudge “coverage” into “covfefe” even while drunk, and the odds of a totally random word being something so appropriate is virtually impossible. Although it’s weird for Trump to experiment with foreign languages on his Twitter account, “I will stand up” is a perfect sentiment to complete the sentence he was making; and it was around the time that he was heavily involved with travel bans from Muslim countries and getting deeply connected with Arabic nations. He has since made entire tweets in actual Arabic, translated by somebody. However, the truth wasn’t good enough for Google employees, who went out of their way to claim that their own translation was wrong suddenly, and used an extremely fishy, rushed-out New York Times article as a citation (what about their original source, where they got the meaning from?) where they asked one single person — their own reporter — to deny the meaning of the phrase and make jokes about it. Google instead manually changed the outcome to be a funny emoticon.

Since then, and for some years prior, they’ve been on a rampage to change queries and redefine words in cooperation with their own hand-picked Leftist “Fact Checkers” such as Bloomberg media, whose owner is currently running as a Democratic Presidential candidate as of writing this post. There is no hint of impartiality, and instead we have a free-for-all to abuse their position of trust to gaslight the public just like Big Brother.

Cultural Marxism

In 2014 one could easily search “Cultural Marxism”, like I did, and find a half dozen credible, intellectual, totally benign sources of discussion related to this well-known ideology’s history and evolution in Western academia. It evolved and took on new names as it traveled, was never oriented around race, and went far beyond any one group. It spread widely within a generation and became one of many political views. However, right around 2014 we saw a rise of liberal scholars like Jordan Peterson and the Weinstein brothers (Eric and Brett), along with traditional lefty pundits like Dave Rubin and Sam Harris become very problematic to the new radicals inside the Big Tech industry. Since the “left” was now split between common sense traditional liberals and this bizarre new strain of hyper-aggressive political correctness and language control, each side played to its strengths. Normal, informed centrists and public figures used their influence to discuss the invasion of radical ideology, and warned people about “neo-Marxism”, language policing, and censorship, while the radicals ginned up smear campaigns against them as a pretext for lawsuits, deplatforming, and abuse, exactly as Peterson and others warned they would. They were even called right wingers. By rejecting and even exposing the radicalization of the education system, Big Tech, and the mainstream media using their own personal testimony and experience, they were winning the public over. This is right about when Google employees resorted to hiding the truth actively. Waves of new propaganda cropped up around the idea of neo-Marxism or Cultural Marxism that sought to maximize stigma around the discussion of it leading up to the 2016 US election. As it turns out, pointing out the modus operandi of Cultural Marxists makes them extremely uncomfortable and they’re willing to lie, censor, and smear to stop you from speaking out about it. No wonder they seek positions of power, not public respect.

Sadly, by erasing dozens of search results altogether and manually making sure to point people at leftist propaganda instead, we saw the world’s most far-reaching and powerful form of digital gaslighting make it seem as if old academic terms were never actually used by scholars, or that discussion has always been limited to only a few fringe elements. In reality, all it takes is a simple Google Trends search to see that “cultural marxism” has been discussed by ordinary people for a very long time, and interest in the subject surged beyond current day levels as far back as 2004, way before the current political landscape. There was no “Alt Right” to speak of back then, but there were many queries from ordinary people around the world:

The term has been used for decades without controversy.

As you can see, the page itself cites Jordan Peterson as one of its most “related topics”. This is a natural result of his discussing the merits and dangers of the growing political philosophy, not some conspiracy with vague ethnocentric origins.

On the other side we have the disinformation provided by Wikipedia:

This is a downright farcical claim. How can it be “contemporary usage” and yet they have zero examples or citations? Who, for example, believes that the Frankfurt School is still “ongoing” as an operational and somehow pulling the strings of the world? Nobody, that’s who. But instead of citing examples of actual usage of the term, which should be easy if they’re not lying about how its used, we have one single citation that leads directly to the fringe-left political propaganda outlet Southern Poverty Law Center, which has had to pay millions of dollars in damages for defamation over the years, been embroiled in countless scandals and exposures of their weird financial practices and publicity stunts, and more recently bonded themselves with the domestic terrorism group Antifa. By cynically dreaming up their own antisemitic conspiracy theory, they not only bury the real story about Cultural Marxism’s rich history around the world, but they trick gullible people into blaming Jews for a political philosophy that spans diverse academic circles. The SPLC thus throws a minority group under the bus and projects their apparent hatred onto ordinary people, all to stifle a simple conversation about what’s happening in schools. Wikipedia and other corrupt tools of control are all too eager to steer ignorant people into the confusion and crossfire.

As always, it’s important to break away from pre-packaged political narratives of one side or the other. Cultural Marxism is a fascinating topic that deserves its own recognition, being fully aware of current trends and staying far away from lunatic fringe agitators with their own agendas.

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