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Today’s Selection for Societal Sanity

By now everybody knows that we’ve been tricked, but there’s still a vague hope that things might turn out for the best. Millennials believe the Internet is still the future, and they hope Big Tech will self-regulate under pressure. This is delusional optimism. Even direct regulation by governments is impossible, as the United Nations is positioned to control the laws of the World Wide Web thanks to Barack Obama, or rather, thanks to the cabal of social engineers who controlled him. The deceptive shenanigans around Net Neutrality™ bill was equally important for ensuring that corporations like Facebook could discriminate and make as many crooked partnerships as the liked with agencies (DARPA, NSA, CIA, etc), foreign governments (China), and other enemies of the people (George Soros). We’re now seeing how that plays out, and it’s ugly as sin.

Update: Just one day after publishing this article, independent journalist Tim Pool published a video today titled “Facebook is CENSORING The Name Of The Whistleblower, The Nightmare Is Here” discussing how Big Tech is directly controlling political affairs and public discourse in order to favor certain narratives. His wording of the video’s title is remarkable overlap.

We know that algorithms are a rigged smokescreen to hide the truth of partisan ideologues dictating what results happen. We know that shadow banning and metrics suppression is everywhere — including against the President of the United States — and that regulators are impotent to stop it. Places like Gab, which has gone from a Twitter alternative to creating the wonderful Dissenter extension for browsers (and eventually their own browser entirely) are finding middling success, and that banned personalities like Alex Jones have created their own platforms like in order to return to the oldschool “Web 1.0” system of independence. Direct donations from users are fueling these efforts. People are becoming aware, but it won’t stop the tsunami from hitting us all.

I believe the “deep fake” phenomenon is the next stage of mind control. Remember the final scene from Spiderman: Far From Home with The Daily Bugle and J. Jonah Jameson doing a parody of Alex Jones?

The movie was all about the power of technological holograms and illusions; distorting 3D reality in real time with real witnesses. It’s a good movie that explores a relevant possibility. It’s all about controlling perception, or in other words: deep fakes. The fact that it depicts the Alex Jones cut-out as the one who falls for the “fake news” is no coincidence, however. The idea that alternative news networks and online personalities will be the ones duped by deep fakes is exactly what the establishment wants us to believe.

A World of Deep Fakes

This article by the LA Times ties it all together. It’s title clearly shows the angle they’re hoping people accept: “‘Deep fake’ videos could upend an election — but Silicon Valley may have a way to combat them”. It’s about how new technology will supposedly scan and detect hoax videos in real time so that the public can be protected from evil hoaxers trying to convince you that a politician did something bad. How nice of them! I wonder who is funding and controlling this technology, and who it’s being given to?

On Tuesday, leaders in artificial intelligence plan to unveil a tool to push back — it includes scanning software that UC Berkeley has been developing in partnership with the U.S. military, which the industry will start providing to journalists and political operatives. The goal is to give the media and campaigns a chance to screen possible fake videos before they could throw an election into chaos. [Emphasis mine]

Imagine if somebody leaked a shocking video of Jeffery Epstein and Bill Clinton (or Prince Andrew) in some damning situation. We know that Epstein was a blackmail operative guided by Mossad and the CIA, so it’s guaranteed that such videos exist, if not for them specifically, then for a hundred other powerful people in key positions of influence. With this supposed scanning technology, the US military and Big Tech wants to be able to discredit any such a video with a simple statement saying that their magic system debunked the “hoax”.

At the same time, there will be nothing stopping the CIA or other blackmail experts from creating deep fake videos against their enemies and having their own program confirm that it’s “real” even though it’s actually a hoax. What’s real and fake will be completely determined by a technology none of us have access to. This is essential. Instead of releasing the source code to the public and empowering the public to test things for themselves, we’re simply relying on the truth-telling capacity of selected “journalists” and “political operatives” deemed worthy. Alex Jones will not be on that list.

The example I gave is very plausible. As Project Veritas has proven just this week, major news organizations like ABC were protecting Jeffery Epstein and the Clintons from exposure for years despite having everything they needed to expose the scandal, including pictures and first-hand witnesses.

What else is out there, buried and swept under the rug by major news outlets? All it takes is for one video to get leaked and we could see an emergency of credibility that rocks the foundations of our current system. Let’s continue with the LA Times article…

The software is among the first significant efforts to arm reporters and campaigns with tools to combat deep fakes. It faces formidable hurdles — both technical and political — and the developers say there’s no time to waste. ….

The worry that has gripped artificial intelligence innovators is of a fake video surfacing days before a major election that could throw a race into turmoil. Perhaps it would be grainy footage purporting to show President Trump plotting to enrich himself off the presidency or Joe Biden hatching a deal with industry lobbyists or Sen. Elizabeth Warren mocking Native Americans.

Let’s be very clear: international intelligence agencies like Mossad and the CIA specialize in lies, subversion, and political manipulation through propaganda and blurring the line between fact and fiction. They are the ones who blackmail and hoax in the first place. That is their entire agenda. They are the ones who create deep fakes in every sense of the word. They plant their own “journalists” into organizations, compromise people in power, and infiltrate key offices every day. Their entire business (aside from dealing drugs and human trafficking for their black budget) is about lying, cheating, and duping the public with fake information. Now they want us to believe that they’ll sort out the truth on our behalf. This is “Selection for Societal Sanity” in the starkest terms possible.


Currently, people are upset about the overreach of political correctness and the “woke” subversion of their favorite hobbies and entertainment media, but that’s just a distraction from the real dangers facing us. I’ve written a whole article about how dystopian weapon systems and Biblical-tier plagues are being engineered in the background while we’re distracted by Clown World. But what’s coming next is not just distraction, it’s a weapon in itself. The war for perception is going to get red hot very soon.

It’s more important than ever to quit Facebook, use alternatives to Google, and not trust the incestuous Social Engineering Complex that has absorbed online aggregate websites like Reddit. The lessons from #GamerGate are more important to remember than ever as China directly impacts things we never would have thought were compromised, like Hearthstone tournaments and the NBA. American companies are bending over backwards to please their foreign masters, and politicians are doing the same, whether on behalf of George Soros and the United Nations, Israel, or some other entity. As for the strange, anti-human ideology that connects all of them, it’s being revealed with every passing week. Thankfully some people are still putting up a fight.

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