From #GamerGate to President Trump


We can now see that #GamerGate is the true turning point. It’s where the neofeminist, neoliberal establishment went too far and got too lazy in their corruption, and accidentally provoked a grassroots cultural backlash which ultimately exposed the modus operandi of the entire leftist agenda for the millennial generation. It wasn’t Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux, or Milo Yionnaopplosujlus.

The pattern has since repeated itself a thousand times: 1) Something fishy/corrupt is discovered by victims and/or citizen journalists who demand coverage by the media. 2) The journalists recoil away, hiding and strategizing while keeping silent. 3) More attention is drawn to the issue due to the suspicious silence — especially since we live in a clickbait culture where every little controversy is usually turned into headlines immediately. 4) Somebody in the media or connected to the issue blurts out an inappropriate reaction to the public pressure, showing a contempt for the public and disregard for the issue. 5) Due to the Streisand Effect, more onlookers become aware and get involved in the citizen journalism efforts, creating an ad hoc crowdsourced reporting system to expose the truth virally. 6) The media finally releases a coordinated propaganda/smear campaign across multiple publications simultaneously against the citizen journalists themselves, not addressing the original issue as important, and instead doing damage control and creating the “Official Narrative”. 7) The Official Narrative is now used to abuse and marginalize any critics of the original issue, or critics of those corrupt publications.


Ask yourself: how many times can this pattern repeat itself until a new subclass of online citizens is created? People who constantly work together to expose the media instead of trusting it? The #GamerGate revolution is one of skepticism, fact-checking, networking, and signal boosting. Introduce WikiLeaks and a handful of prominent, charismatic figures and you’ve got yourself an unstoppable movement built to spread virally despite a predictable conspiracy of silence.

The culture war between the #GamerGate generation (age 23-40) and the establishment media has gotten more sophisticated since then. Whether it’s because of the danger posed by this group to the corrupt establishment (as #PizzaGate is now proving), or simply an old leftist gameplan that refuses to stop spiraling into stupidity — many hoax stories from fake rape stories to fake KKK stories have been used to demonize the prime gamer demographic of normal, innocent white men who want honest politics, honest reporting, and honest culture.


When these hoaxes are eventually exposed and the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge it, this generation, trained in narrative judo by #GamerGate, know they can use it to prove their point: the media don’t care about the truth, and don’t even bother to do the most basic journalistic homework when the story suits their narrative.


Nazi swastika hoax perpetrated by two Jewish kids is reported on by the media without questions or journalistic integrity, further disgracing the media

Can we be surprised that Donald Trump — the man who went from being called silly, irrelevant “clown” to the fearful reincarnation of Adolf Hitler within the span of 5 months — was pushed to victory by this generation? A man whose greatest fault during the campaign was being too honest, and too politically incorrect?

We have learned how media coordination works. We have learned how censorship works. We are seeing it escalate. The unbearably biased Washington Post now demands that Twitter ban the President-elect’s Twitter account, advocating direct censorship:


Donald Trump succeeded by speaking directly to voters without a filter, breaking the tradition of phony politicians that has stretched back forever. The establishment wants him to stay on script and speak through their heavily controlled channels.

I won’t even get into the censorship controversy surrounding Reddit right now, but I will draw your attention to a poetic turn of events: Rolling Stone is now calling out the Washington Post for their horrendous, dystopic article on “fake news”. Could it be possible that the #GamerGate generation will chastise these corrupt institutions and force them on the straight and narrow? Is this how our generation reforms the world? Demanding honesty, and creating enough pressure to collapse the corrupt system? If so, my early advice to #GamerGate activists has been listened to:

I don’t know how the #GamerGate backlash is going to go, but I know that it can’t rely on emotion to succeed.  Emotionally, the neofeminists have the upper hand because they are professional liars who get paid to manufacture outrage, both for and against themselves.  They want gamers to be furious, because furious people look stupid.  If you want to fight corruption, you have to be able to do so dispassionately and over a long period of time.  Calmly boycott the sites that are guilty, stay on top of events, and put as much pressure as you can on those associated with the guilty by spreading the videos, raising awareness, asking questions, etc.  You know the drill by now.

Be ever vigilant, my friends. You’re winning.

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