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(Issue 8) Released Dec 21, 2023

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A Stealth Game: The Kojima Code, Part II

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After much anticipation, The Kojima Code is now becoming available for purchase! Get it in glorious Hardcover, Paperback, and digital formats from the biggest online retailers in the world, and Print-On-Demand in locations worldwide. Make sure to check out the options so you can get the format you want at the best value!

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Welcome to Mr. Wolfe’s META GEAR. …It’s just a box!

Want the blog? Click here, it’s still being updated with new stuff. This front page is a curated selection of features and articles I’ve published over the years. You might have missed some of these classic gems so make sure you check them all out… or revisit an old favorite!

From Nothing: Why it’s Okay to Question Everything

(MGS4) This site’s central thesis, defending the deconstruction and interpretation of games

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The Legacy of MGS2

A deeper understanding of what it all meant, and what it still means today

Part 1: Smoke and Mirrors, A Game Without Substance

Part 2: Memes From Mirrors, Substance From Smoke

Part 3: A Philosopher’s Legacy, The Memetic Allegory

The VR Theory

How much of the game was in Raiden’s head?

Part 1: The Windup

Part 2: The Pitch

Part 3: Foul Ball

Part 4: The Arguments Against

Substance Abuse

What motivated the creation of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance?

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MGS2: A Complete Breakdown

An absurdly long essay on why MGS2 was designed the way it was

Part 1:  Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Part 2:  The Story From Hell

Part 3: The Selfish Meme

Part 4: The VR Theory

Part 5: The Ending

Part 6: Substance & The Document

Part 7: Review

The Long, Dark Path to MGS4

War changed, and here’s why.

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Kojima vs MGS4

Death threats are a great motivation to make a good game.

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MGS4: Sold Out

A major analysis of how Metal Gear Solid 4 tells the story of a troubled Kojima.

Part 1: Pre-Game Fake Television
Part 2: War is Routine
Part 3: Snake Becomes Old
Part 4: Raiden is Cyborg Ninja
Part 5: Beauty & Beast Unit
Part 6: Liquid Ocelot is Silly
Part 7: Nanomachine Overkill
Part 8: Vamp Becomes Science
Part 9: Product Placement
Part 10: Big Boss Returns
Part 11: Shadow Moses is Dead and Buried
Part 12: Resistance Gamer Kids
Part 13: Meryl’s Not Interested

Beauty, Beast and MGS4

A comprehensive analysis of the Beauty and the Beast theme.

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Scarab: The Hated Mascot

Learn more about the iconic mascot of MGS4!

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Thank You, Shinkawa

(MGS1) A simple appreciation article for the best character designer in videogames

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The (Philosopher’s) Legacy of MGS3

A deeper understanding of what it all meant, and what it still means today

Part 1: The Ghost of Metal Gear Past

Part 2: Mission or Beliefs

Part 3: Mission Accomplished

Only For Revenge

(MGSV) Kojima’s secrecy and obsession with misunderstanding

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MGSV: Ground Zeroes Analysis

A good hard look at the innovations and quirks of MGSV’s game design

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Peace Walker’s Allegory

Meta commentary in Peace Walker? It’s possible, and it’s time to learn about it

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Review: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Not a meta analysis, but a game review

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Metal Gear Declassified

(Flash animation, MGS4) An idiotic story about why MGS4 was delayed

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Purple Dildos and the Power to Destroy Fun Itself

(Game design) How to ruin a good fantasy

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Video Games in the Master Plan

(Industry) Where does our hobby fit into the media hegemony?

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The Point of No Revengeance

(Rising) A farewell to logic in the Metal Gear series

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The Opposite of Epic

(Game design) The difference between cool and campy

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Metal Gear Cliff Notes (Part 1)

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of a legend

Why I Hate the Last of Us

Let’s get real about an overhyped mess

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown: A Complete Autopsy

A deep study of why the rebooted XCOM doesn’t quite work

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5 Simple Next-Gen Ideas

(Game design) …And they have nothing to do with hardware

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Review: BioShock Infinite

A truly epic failure

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Woe is Gaming! Why are Programmers Blind to Fun?

(Industry) The paradox of those who build games

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GamerGate and the Cusp

(Industry) Why some people are so mad about citizen journalists exposing corruption

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Revisiting Game Genres

(Game design) What if we labeled games smarter?

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Review: Hitman (2016)

IO Interactive brings polished professionalism to dirty work — and then keeps the hits coming.

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