News Roundup | I just straight up hate the Xbox One by now

PS4’s superiority is already unquestionable in comparison; there is no more debate.  But you might not realize just how dirty Microsoft’s policies have become…

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Must Read: PS4 and Xbone power gap, and lowest common denominator development

This above article is an absolute must-read.  It proves that there’s an obvious power gap between PS4 and Xbone, with Sony taking the lead in almost every way, including ease of development.  However, developers also say that they’ll develop according to the lowest common denominator (the Xbone) because it may not be worth the money.

Honestly, this is why the Xbone needs to be a massive failure.  It needs to fail so hard that developers get the message: develop exclusively for the PS4, take advantage of everything it offers, and stop hamstringing this generation of games for the sake of the shrinking Xbox audience.  I wonder how many superior PS4 exclusives we’ll need before the power gap becomes undeniable, because unlike the complex Cell processor that the PS3 bragged about, it’s actually easier to develop for the PS4.

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