Critical Close-up: Metal Gear Solid

You know, I never really talk about MGS1 or the two old MSX games that came before it.  To me, the juicy part of the series (from an analytical point of view) began with MGS2, and I’ve always wanted to do that justice first.  But the folks over at BunnyHop have done a pretty great job with their 2 part video critique:

I found myself shrugging pretty frequently when it nitpicks on retroactive continuity choices or points out the unoriginality of the game.  While everything they say is true, and although the amount of research done is fantastic, I feel like it was put in there to demonstrate how knowledgeable they were, without much of a point.  The final evaluation is positive of course.  I suppose the video is more of an explanation than an argument, and by that standard, it’s really helpful and smart!

Proudly presenting: Metal Gear Cliff Notes PART I

(Warning: Contains language and blood.)

A long, long time ago, SnakeSoup administrator Ravi Singh approached me for collaborating on an epic Metal Gear flash animation revolving around the very first game in the series, which most Metal Gear fans don’t even realize exists.  I agreed. Continue reading

“Sword” video (Metal Gear Rising)

Here, just as Raiden is getting his final cybernetic upgrades, he gets a flashback to when he was a child and Solidus killed a prisoner with a knife.  He tells Raiden that “there is honor in killing with a blade”, and slits the throat.  He tells Raiden that this is his future.

Watch this slutty Metal Gear Rising title screen

Yeah, you like that, don’t you?  You know you want it.  Check out his cyborg abs.

I bet you can’t wait until E3 now, where there’ll be a playable demo.  Platinum Games is going to give you a taste of their gratuitous action that Summer is all about.

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