Small hints about Kojima’s next game: Uncharted fans will like it

Thanks to The Snake Soup for noticing what DualShockers translated from Weekly Famitsu via Hachima Kikou!

What we have now is a promise that Kojima’s upcoming game will appeal to fans who like Uncharted and The Division.  This means it must involve gunfights, 3rd-person camera, storylines and characters, and rather linear gameplay, I would guess.  You have to wonder why he wouldn’t compare it to Metal Gear Solid 4, since that’s basically the same genre.  Maybe he doesn’t want to give the impression it will involve stealth.  He specifically said he wouldn’t call it “open world” and also gave a disclaimer that people won’t think it’s “edgy” at first:

Last, but not least, he also mentioned that when the game will be announced, some will think that it’s not as edgy as they expected, but they will understand once they get to play it.

So we’ll get to enjoy secret edginess?

I’m not surprised Kojima is starting to tease his new game already, since it’s a very low-cost way of  building anticipation and staying in the spotlight to say such things during interviews.  Honestly, at this point his YouTube channel is producing more content than his game production studio, so fans of his are getting impatient to know what he’s really up to.  There are still a million ways that his next game can do something unique within the traditional genre of the “action-adventure” game, so it’s too early to speculate.  Those hoping for a “P.T.” or “Silent Hills” type of game will probably be disappointed already, though.

Why I Hate “The Last of Us” (Now With More Hate!)


[NOTE: Full review is on its way. This was a reaction to the initial E3 trailer and hype.]


[Added a second part.]

You’ve probably heard of The Last of Us by now, which means you’ve probably shrugged and said yeah, cool I guess.  It’s the gory post-apocalyptic PS3 exclusive developed by Naughty Dog, makers of the Uncharted series.  It’s already won a bunch of awards, including “Best of Show”, “Best Original Game”, “Best Console Game”, and “Best Action/Adventure Game” at this year’s E3.  There’s no doubt that it will be a highly polished, carefully crafted, and feature unparalleled voice acting and CINEMATIC CINEMATIC CINEMATIC.

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