“War On Our Shores” secret Rising site teases story, mentions the Tea Party?

There’s a new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance teaser site up now, called “War On Our Shores”.  It features the voice of a character named Senator Armstrong, who seems bent on incriminating himself over the phone to somebody who wrote a speech for him.

I’ll admit it: everything about this game is guilty pleasure to me, and the writing in this is no different.  The speech does a good job nodding to the story of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and provides some decent social commentary as well.  I wonder whether the “Tea Party” mentioned in the trailer is actually supposed to refer to the current-day libertarian movement?  If so, I have to give them big credit.  Maybe Platinum Games can churn out an enjoyable plot in two months after all?

There’s also this trailer, named “Eye”, which was uploaded May 4th.  It’s got more hints, including backwards-audio which I’m too lazy to decode.  The subject is clearly a little boy, and at the end we see the words “Subject Name / Raiden” and “2/3”, indicating that this is a flashback, and that we will have another of these videos.  Something else I noticed is that according to the login data on the screen, the username is “jtripper@”.  Look up that IP address and it brings you to Valley City, Ohio and a guy who I’m positive has no clue about Metal Gear.  According to the “whois” data it was registered in 1997 by Infonexion Corp..  Hmm, something tells me this isn’t an ARG on par with Portal 2, and I should have stuck with my first instinct, which was to not bother looking deeper.

[“War On Our Shores” heads up via PSU.com]

Rising: full crappy teaser shown, website up

You can go here to see the full Metal Gear Rising live-action teaser, along with the new site.  Seems pretty obvious: this is a distant memory of Solidus and Raiden back in the Liberian civil war, when Jack was first getting his memory screwed with.  Jack’s arms are thin and boyish, and the voice is obviously not raspy and death-like either, as it would be after MGS4.  The appearance of Solidus means it’s not between MGS2 and 4, either.  The African man and shabby tent setup also suggest it’s his child soldier memories.

Did I mention that it’s crappy?  The actors, direction, digital effects — everything looks sub-par.  Not surprising though, considering that Revengeance is a failed project being raced through production.

As for the official site, looks like you can enter commands in the bottom area to unlock easter eggs.  I wonder how long it will take to find the hidden stuff.

Go ahead and search for hints if you care

Looks like my speculation was misjudged.

Finally, I probably shouldn’t show you these pictures because they were tucked away on the site.  The fact that they’re hidden makes them feel less stupid and boring!

Theory on the Rising plot

Thanks to the retired Ravi Singh, I saw this teaser for a Metal Gear Rising announcement:

I didn’t bother to comment on it, but before the real announcement is made today, I want to toss out a theory.  April 30th is, of course, the day Jack and Rose met, as we were repeatedly reminded in Metal Gear Solid 2, and the tagline of “Make it right” at the end of the trailer makes me suspect that the plot will revolve around Rose being in danger.  Raiden and Rose reconcile at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, so perhaps Rose is held hostage, and Raiden needs to fight the PMC’s in order to save her?  Perhaps too, his memory is altered in a test, and he needs to fight and kill in order to unlock his memory of Rose and find her so he can “make it right”?

Wild speculation, but we’ll see.

MGS2 Review Teaser

Yes!  The new idea I hinted at before was an EPIC FULL VIDEO REVIEW of the HD Collection (or at least MGS2 & 3) written and narrated by YOURS TRULY.  Let the above teaser video whet your appetite for the yet-to-actually-begin-production masterpiece that I will unleash!  Now, for some answers to your possible questions: Continue reading

“The Reality of Metal Gear Solid 2” teaser

Ravi Singh, our friend and ally at The Snake Soup, has revealed a preview of some kind of steamy New York City street documentary he’s making?

Oh wait, acccording to the site:

Ten years ago today, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was released in North America. For those of you who don’t know, while I thought Metal Gear Solid was cool, it was not until Sons of Liberty that I actually became a fan of the series. Without Sons of Liberty, there probably would not have been The Snake Soup.

With that said I planned on releasing a video I’ve been slowly working on titled The Reality of Metal Gear Solid 2 today but it’s not finished. It should be finished by the 29th which is the 10th anniversary of Sons of Liberty in Japan. So that’s not too bad, right?

The 29th?  Isn’t that… very soon?  Well!  I guess we’ll keep our eyes open for that!

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