Bare Mettle’s “Sui Generis” game engine is both astounding and embarrassing

Sui Generis needs help being funded:

The question is, would you give it money?  As I listen to game creator Madoc Evans explain that the goal was to create a realistic, open world like he imagined when he was younger, I feel deeply awkward, because while he explains the genius of real-time muscle simulations and nuanced combat physics, I’m watching one of the silliest fights ever take place on the screen.

Characters flail their arms like children and stumble around without a shred of grace.  Every attack is aimless and uncoordinated, and when they hit they either seem to do nothing at all, or knock the character down.  As the victim slowly and mindlessly crawls back to his feet, the attacker stands there, aloof.  Where is the aggression?  Where is the martial training?  Where is the panic and bravery?  Where is the soul of the fight?

I wouldn’t criticize any of this, mind you, except that they’re bragging about it, which means that they don’t see any major problem.  They’re not working on making the combat more engaging or tactical.  They’re happy.  I wouldn’t be.

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