Site News: MR. WOLFE’S META GEAR is the name, and the URL is the same

I created META GEAR on December 25th, 2008.  Today I change the name.

The original name was chosen to help people remember the URL.  Aside from being one of the only URL variations of “Metal Gear Solid” that wasn’t already registered, it spoke to the nature of my analysis and got some positive feedback.  Other names I considered were embarrassingly stupid in hindsight, and I think it was the right move to make the name the same as the address.  But it’s been five years, and I think it’s time to give people a better shorthand.

MR. WOLFE’S META GEAR” may not roll off the tongue, but I don’t expect people to use it in full anyway.  It can easily be divided into two parts that work better depending on what you want to refer to: refer to the website itself as “Meta Gear”, and myself as “Mr. Wolfe”.  The address will stay the same, and if I come up with something I think is better for the title, I’ll just go ahead and change it again.  I’m not running a company brand with merchandise or anything, so it doesn’t affect things anyway.

I also added links on the CLASSIC SITE page to the “Old News” sections that I used back before all this fancy CSS and blog engines and whatnot.  Thanks to all the readers I’ve gained over the years, and please keep spreading the word if you like what you find.

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