Part II (MGS2: A Complete Breakdown)


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So, the game was controversial because it pulled the rug out from under players’ feet, and because it denied them the trademark experience they were expecting; but what about the game’s actual story?  In part two we analyze the plot in order to find out whether its as convoluted as its critics have said.

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Update: MGS2 Review, Part 1 Complete!

The first part of my epic “MGS2 Review” is now 100% complete and ready for presentation.  It will be several pages long, and contain a whole bunch of important material that’s never been discussed on the site before.  I’m excited to be able to present this new analysis in the coming weeks, as I’m sure fans of the series will really appreciate it when they see it.

How many parts will there be?  Oh, looks like there should be SEVEN, not including the introduction or conclusion.  It will be biggest feature on the site when it’s complete!

I plan on releasing each part when I’m close to finishing the next, so here’s hoping part two doesn’t take too long!  And since I’ve decided on the final title for it, I guess I can tease the main banner for it…

Well that’s it for now, I guess I should get back to work!

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