Only For Revenge: Kojima’s Secrecy And Obsession With Misunderstanding

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Only For Revenge

 As the strange tale of Kojima’s meta-narrative becomes more complex and epic, when can we expect to see him tip his hand and explain everything?  Why hasn’t he done this yet?  Why does he keep his genius secret?

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Full MGSV: Phantom Pain E3 2013 trailer and comments

Before I comment on the trailer contents, let me say this game is going to be cross-platform and cross-generational, as expected.  I have to say it looks gorgeous in a meaningful way.  The dust storm, spotlights, animation, and aesthetics feel like they go hand-in-hand with actual gameplay considerations, and this is just one of many convincing environments we’ll have the privilege to explore.

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