Besides being spoiled before it was even released thanks to the many trailers and demonstrations, Ground Zeroes manages to make a sordid mess out of a very basic story.  Or maybe that’s the point.

< This article contains spoilers. >

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Threedogg’s excellent trailer analysis

See, this is why I didn’t bother analyzing the trailer much — I knew Threedogg would do a much better job.  He connects all the plot points together, including Eli being Liquid Snake, Miller being the Beret Man who tortures Emmerich, and more.

Read on, folks!  And make sure to follow him on Twitter @ThreedoggGaming and over at his Twitch channel.

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Full MGSV: Phantom Pain E3 2013 trailer and comments

Before I comment on the trailer contents, let me say this game is going to be cross-platform and cross-generational, as expected.  I have to say it looks gorgeous in a meaningful way.  The dust storm, spotlights, animation, and aesthetics feel like they go hand-in-hand with actual gameplay considerations, and this is just one of many convincing environments we’ll have the privilege to explore.

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Knee and back pain simulator in the works for KojiPro?

According to recent tweets it seems Kojima Productions may be developing some kind of new, next-gen pain simulator.

Although we cannot confirm that it will be a pain simulator at this point, there are plenty of juicy details to feed your active imaginations. Kojima has revealed some following tidbits:

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