Help Lab Zero create as many new awesome characters as possible


The excellent, under-appreciated, currently independent creators of Skullgirls, going under the new name of Lab Zero, are still hard at work on releasing new content for their vibrant 2D fighting game, and are asking for crowdfunding in order to push the possibilities to the max.  Please go here and check out what they’re offering.

I’m not a dedicated fighting game dude, but I recognize extreme talent when I see it.  For a measly $5 you can pre-order Squigly, a fascinating Tim Burton-esque girl with the ability to stretch her attacks and mess with the “meta game” — special meters, space and time, etc.  Each of the characters is hand-drawn, gorgeous, high frame rate (which can never be fully appreciated on something like YouTube) and deserving of money.  Remember, this isn’t some corporate scheme for milking money: it’s the most pure, artistic kind of creation you can get in gaming, and that alone is worth a lot.

Again, click here to check out the donation page.

The stretch goals are much more interesting yet!  And boy do they keep going!  I would love if this funding drive made millions.  The stretch goals include story modes, backgrounds, the game’s first male character (nice!), and a huge list of secret characters that could potentially be added, which fans will be able to pick from.  It’s making a ton of money after only a few hours, but let’s see how high we can go, for great justice!

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