Google+ page

Most of you probably have a Google+ account but don’t do anything with it.  Well, now you do: swing by our new G+ page and tell me…

  1. Your favorite article on this site
  2. What you think about the future of the Internet and law enforcement
  3. Whether Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was a good move

Do that, and we’ll be half way to creating a sense of community.  Not that I want a community that much, but hey, maybe you do?  Personally I enjoy the fact that you can simply upload a video.  Maybe that’s where I’ll upload my MGS2 review video when it’s done.

You can follow us on Twitter or blurt something out @meta_gear.  Social media stuff is often a lot more fluff than substance, with people echoing each other and never saying something new, so I don’t really fit in there, but at least I won’t be clogging up your feeds with nonsense right?  Oh, actually, I haven’t said this in a long time, but if you guys have some guest articles or content you want me to feature, let me know.  My email is

And yeah, I could make custom domain email addresses and not have to use Gmail, but I like it better, so there.  Technology.

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