What next and what’s interesting?

Ground Zeroes is just around the corner and I need to decide what to do about that!  I want to get a PS4 and buy it on there, but they are still sold out everywhere around where I live, and Amazon hasn’t emailed me about new shipments yet.  So who knows when I can do that.

I do plan on reviewing GZ in some way, or at least analyzing what it represents in the series, so as I wait for getting a PS4 I’ll guess have to do something else, huh?

What I’m currently fascinated by are EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark, a very interesting MMO (and creation tool spinoff) that’s being developed.  I hate MMOs in general and I never cared at all about EverQuest, so that should tell you that it must be pretty special.  They seem to be doing some extremely creative and interesting things with the series, and I suggest you start watching the video below:

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