So… this X-COM game needs to be deconstructed

Sorry to make you stare at that “Online education is doomed” post for the last few days, but I’ve been burning through X-COM: Enemy Unknown, which I am now finished.  The fact that I finished it may or may not be a good thing (I would have gladly accepted getting helplessly lost in a web of ever-multiplying strategic decisions, never to emerge).  The important part is that I’m now fully qualified to judge the game to the fullest — which is exactly what I intend to do.

I know that I should probably just finish Part 5 of the MGS2: A Complete Breakdown already, since it’s getting so close to completion, but the sooner the better with cases like this.  It’ll be great though, so don’t worry.

X-COM: Enemy Unknown Impressions

[Update: RockPaperShotgun has come to the defense of the game and addressed some of the bad impressions left by the demo.]

X-COM: Enemy Unknown is my most anticipated game this year, not because I think it will be even a fraction as innovative or important as the original (for that you’d need to enlist the original creator, Julian Gollop,) but because it has the potential to scratch some of the itches I’ve been having ever since I discovered the 1994 PC game last year.  Also, it has the potential to spawn a new love for powerful tactics game rooted in high-level strategic control.  I downloaded the demo off of Steam, finished it in a few minutes because it’s very short, and here’s why it makes me deeply uncomfortable.

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Yeah XCOM Enemy Unknown will have multiplayer

Y’all know that I love X-COM, which is why I was highly displeased at 2K’s accusation that strategy games are not contemporary and so we need to turn every classic strategy franchise into a Mass Effect or Deus Ex clone.

But not only are Firaxis proving those dummies wrong, they’re doing it in so many ways, including multiplayer.  A turn-based tactics game that isn’t a flash-based or played in your browser?  It’s on consoles?  Yes!  In fact there is a preview of it here:

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