Metal Gear Solid 5 leaked image confirms rumors apparently

I happened to notice “Metal Gear Solid 5” in the Twitter trends this morning, and soon found myself reading very vague, and very possibly fake rumors.  Here’s the news piece.

The unverified picture prominantly [sic] displays a logo for Metal Gear Solid 5 along with the phrase ‘Open Ground Reconnaissance Endeavors (OGRE)’ which could be a replacement for the ‘Tactical Espionage Action’ tagline the series has carried thus far.

Kojima wanted to have an open-world environment ever since Snake Eater, which was supposed to be “seamless” initially, with weather patterns and a day/night cycle; players were supposed to get lost in the jungle and need to use landmarks for navigation; hunting and sneaking would be more important than ever.  The trailer even made reference to Grand Theft Auto, suggesting that the games would be comparable.  Basically, compared to Kojima’s original ambitions we got a can of sardines.  This would be the full feast.

This may be Kojima’s opportunity to make his old dream a reality.  If “OGRE” does stand for “Open Ground Reconnaissance Endeavors” — which for the record I hope it does not, because nothing sounds lamer than the word “endeavors” when describing a game — then it could be Metal Gear Solid 5 after all.  How on earth this ties into raising a family?  Well, Big Boss did have some hand in raising Solid and Liquid Snake, at least…

Do I believe the leaked rumor?  Actually, I sort of do.  It would even fit with his old statement about how it could end up as career suicide if it went wrong, which I surmised involved retconning the Metal Gear series.  Or maybe I’m dumb!

EDIT:  Okay, so I’m way behind in the times here.  So there are a couple of fuzzy screenshots, not just one, and there is a lot more news about MGS5 being said already.  I am dumb!

Kojima once again says that MGS2 was supposed to be his final Metal Gear

I’ve said it a million times but apparently it’s still news: Kojima intended for MGS2 to be his last Metal Gear project, which means that Snake Eater and Guns of the Patriots were both projects he was “forced” to do.  Get it?  He didn’t want to make those.  He’s directly saying it, on record.  Okay, I think you understand now.

Very diplomatically, he says that nobody was to blame, and that there were “problems” when others tried to take over.  (Problems which couldn’t have been more obvious in Portable Ops, I’m sure.)  He also says that Project Ogre will use the Fox Engine, which is predictable, but still exciting.

Think about it this way: if he made MGS3 and MGS4 against his own will, and they turned out to be as great as they are, how great will the project he really wants to work on be?  I don’t know how I failed to notice this before, but apparently Kojima recently talked about how Project Ogre will deal with issues of family and adult life, and would be a “subdued” experience.  Never knew that.  As much as I dislike melodrama, I look forward to this.  (Please don’t be like Heavy Rain.)

Kojima wants to work on Devil Project

Kojima TwitterI always find this amusing.  Kojima has been publicly lamenting his inability to find time to work on the codenamed “Devil Project”, which has also been described as the “taboo” game which has the potential to ruin his whole career if it’s not received well.  Apparently he wants to work on it quite badly, but other things keep getting in the way.

This is significant to me for two reasons:

1)  It means that he is still passionate about something.  Ever since the release of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker it’s been hard to tell what he cares about, and it’s good to see that he is itching to work on something that is not only important to him, but potentially so controversial as well.  I haven’t given up on Kojima’s genius, and I believe Peace Walker is an example of that (which will hopefully get more credit once it’s released on consoles).  In other words, expect something great from him eventually.

2)  It demonstrates how Kojima resents obligations when he’s trying to work on something he cares about.  This might seem unremarkable, but in the case of Kojima it helps to reinforce the fact that years of being obligated to work on Metal Gear sequels wore him out and made him miserable, to the point where he just wanted Snake to die.  Every time he complains about obligations, I am reminded of that.

Here are the posts:

Had a mtg. in the morning as well as yesterday, and am working on preparing some documents for next week’s biz. trip.¹  Cannot do anything about the “Devil Project” at all.²

Finished an assignment for today from a project, and am now working on preparation for a biz. trip.³  I cannot get back working on the devil project until I finish this. But, since there is so much to do that I cannot finish.¨

Suspiciously similar, so it’s possible that he accidentally repeated himself, or just felt like reminding people.  I like to imagine Kojima sitting at his desk and cursing the company he’s in charge of for getting in the way of his top secret masterpiece.

“Devil Project” name thanks to me?

On April 12th of last year I did a news update regarding (what was at that point being called) the “taboo” game. This site doesn’t have links to individual news pieces, but it’s on this archive page.

Since then he hasn’t talked about taboos, but has mentioned a “devil project” several times, leading many to conclude that they are the same game. As you can see from the picture in the archives, the image I originally decided to associate with the “taboo” project is—in fact—a devil!

What does this mean?

It means that Kojima has been reading my site, and after seeing that I made him look like a devil based on his statements, he decided to start calling his taboo project the “devil project”, of course! (Or, if you’re following the new translations of his Twitter feed, the “Ogre” project. But we know that Japanese people translate devil into ogre, so that’s just a tyny mistake!)

Does this also mean that my theory about the taboo/devil project is correct? That the game will be a remake of the original Metal Gear, but feature a ton of retroactive continuity? Which if he handles incorrectly, could force him to “leave the industry”? Probably. For now though, what are the odds of him calling it the devil project soon after I used that devil image? Spooky.

Also, yes, a bunch of new articles and stuff are on the way!

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