X-COM: Enemy Unknown Impressions

[Update: RockPaperShotgun has come to the defense of the game and addressed some of the bad impressions left by the demo.]

X-COM: Enemy Unknown is my most anticipated game this year, not because I think it will be even a fraction as innovative or important as the original (for that you’d need to enlist the original creator, Julian Gollop,) but because it has the potential to scratch some of the itches I’ve been having ever since I discovered the 1994 PC game last year.  Also, it has the potential to spawn a new love for powerful tactics game rooted in high-level strategic control.  I downloaded the demo off of Steam, finished it in a few minutes because it’s very short, and here’s why it makes me deeply uncomfortable.

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GamesRadar plays the TGS Revengeance demo

Below is a 16 minute play through of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo at Tokyo Game Show this year.  You really get a sense of what the game will be like when you watch, and the commentary the two guys make isn’t that bad either.  (Except the part where they say “Raiden is such a badass.  People were wrong to hate him in Metal Gear 2!”  As if he’s always been like this?)

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I haven’t talked much about Rising lately, but judging by this demo the whole thing toggles between flat and generic, and over-the-top silly.  So the real question is what kind of boring-to-crazy ratio there’ll be in the final game.  If they keep the player guessing with new gimmicks and set pieces, it might still be an OK game.

At around 10 minutes you see the new robo-dog character, who eventually becomes Raiden’s buddy.  It’s cheesy stuff like this that makes Rising so appealing, but I can’t help laughing at all the game journalists and fans who still don’t “get it”, and think that this is a typical, honest entry in the series.

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Watch this slutty Metal Gear Rising title screen

Yeah, you like that, don’t you?  You know you want it.  Check out his cyborg abs.

I bet you can’t wait until E3 now, where there’ll be a playable demo.  Platinum Games is going to give you a taste of their gratuitous action that Summer is all about.

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