Cut them into a million pieces for extra points


So Otakon just barely happened in Baltimore, and a group known as Pro Voltage decided to cosplay as Revengeance characters. Apparently some other people did too, resulting in pictures like this one. Who’s the chick with the ugly mug and the blender?

Anyway, there’s a bunch more on their Tumblr, including an impressive model of that ninja cyborg dog thing that you should see. Or you can go to Kotaku and see some more group shots.

Incredible MGS cosplay

Kojima posted a bunch of pictures showing the best cosplayers from some promotional event in France, along with a slashed up police car.  The cosplay is frankly stunning.

There are too many awesome tweets and pictures to share them all here, but I picked my three favorite images, which include a downright sexy Sniper Wolf, a top-notch Psycho Mantis, and — best of all — a frickin’ MGS1 polygonal version costume!






I used to make fun of the cosplayers for being lazy, out of shape, and incompetent, but these (presumably French) people are legitimately incredible.

Kojima takes picture with excellent cosplayers

Foxhound coat

Normally I dislike cosplayers, but these guys are all pretty good, I have to admit.  The Foxhound coat is great too, and the first time I’ve seen one in cosplay — although, what good are buttons down by your knees?

(Source: Kojima twitter)

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