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You may not know that on top of being a professional-grade writer, I’m also a prize-winning artist.  (Yoji Shinkawa himself picked my drawing to win a prize in the official Kojima Productions fan art contest, and it was discussed on the KojiPro podcast.  Not bragging or anything!)  I made a bunch of sketchy/strange comics about Metal Gear (which you can browse here) and I’ve been getting better at it since then.  The latest stuff is here.

Well I’ve started drawing a new piece, and I’m giving YOU the chance to suggest how I finish it:

Pretty cool right?

I wouldn’t call it a contest (because all of my contests end with embarrassing lack of entries) but if you’re some kind of art-liking individual who has a sense of humor or has always wanted to see Old Snake… doing something… then, here’s your chance to shout ridiculous ideas at me.

Tweet at me, dogs.

I also highly recommend following me on Twitter because I’m one of those good Twitter users who never talks about what kind of food I’m eating.  Screw those people, man.

Pictures of victory

Remember when I won 10th place in the Kojima Productions Fan Art Contest by drawing a depressed-looking Chrisopher Walken dressed as Solid Snake?  They praised me on their podcast, and promised to send me some cool stuff.

Well the time has come, and the cool stuff is here!

Art contest shirt prize

Getting jealous?  The shirt is limited edition, so you’ll never get one.  Never.  And I didn’t even have to pay for it, they just gave it to me for being such a talented person.

Can you see the prize bandana? It’s camoflauged!  Is it a bandana?  I don’t even know, it’s just a big square piece of cloth once you unfold it.  I don’t care, it’s neat.

In case you forgot what I won this for, here’s the prize-winning artwork again!

Originally, Shinkawa was told to model Snake's face after Christopher Walken's.

The Fan Fiction Contest starts now!

In order to celebrate the unveiling of our new website we’re running our very own Metal Gear Fan Fiction contest!

The rules are simple! The prize is hilarious! The contest starts NOW!

The Rules:

  • Must be submitted before May 1st, 2011
  • Must have less than 15,000 written characters (approx.)
  • Must have at least two characters from the Metal Gear series
  • Must have dialogue
  • No explicit language or sexual imagery
  • The funnest story to read/record will win!

Now I’m trusting that you people have some silly stories up your sleeves, and trust me when I say that awful stories have a good chance to win! You don’t need to know a bunch of big words or story techniques, or even the storyline of the Metal Gear series. Just involve Metal Gear characters and pump out a riveting little tale with them! Read on to find out the prize!

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