Microsoft lays off 18,000 people, including Xbox Entertainment Studios

Is 18,000 a lot of people?  It sounds like a lot.  It kind of sounds like the population of a city.  Here’s the report.

With a new CEO and pressure to create a new vision for the company, it’s not surprising that things are getting majorly restructured.  It’s also not surprising that they shut down the idiotic Xbox Entertainment Studios, headed by Phil Spencer.  Nobody cared about the Halo TV series, or anything else they promised.  Satya Nadella wants to focus on mobile and cloud, which means Xbox has become a red-headed stepchild of a past era.  We already know it loses billions of dollars a year for the company, and the vision of “taking over the living room” from Sony is pretty much dead.  Of course they say they will focus more on games, but Microsoft hates gamers and specifically wanted the Xbox One to shift focus away from them so they could get TV viewers and sports idiots interested (so they could collect information about them and sell ads, of course).  It’s all going down the drain.

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