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Remember when I won 10th place in the Kojima Productions Fan Art Contest by drawing a depressed-looking Chrisopher Walken dressed as Solid Snake?  They praised me on their podcast, and promised to send me some cool stuff.

Well the time has come, and the cool stuff is here!

Art contest shirt prize

Getting jealous?  The shirt is limited edition, so you’ll never get one.  Never.  And I didn’t even have to pay for it, they just gave it to me for being such a talented person.

Can you see the prize bandana? It’s camoflauged!  Is it a bandana?  I don’t even know, it’s just a big square piece of cloth once you unfold it.  I don’t care, it’s neat.

In case you forgot what I won this for, here’s the prize-winning artwork again!

Originally, Shinkawa was told to model Snake's face after Christopher Walken's.

Metal Gear supposed to have been a squad game

The more I hear Kojima talk about his original ideas for Metal Gear games, the more glad I am he didn’t get his way.  According to his Twitter, the game was originally supposed to have been a team infiltration game, as in the old movie “Wild Geese” — which, like me, you’ve never heard of before.  The quote:

While I was working on “METAL GEAR”, I wanted to achieve an infiltration as a team like “Wild Geese” when the point of view was changed from “a game to escape” to “a special-force game to infiltrate.”  It is because there is no way to infiltrate alone.  However, at that time, one-man infiltration was the only option because of the game character and the restriction on the hardware.

Thank God for hardware restrictions, am I right?  It’s things like this that really make me question whether Kojima really should be allowed to do what he wants with game design!  Maybe being stuck working on a series he doesn’t like for 10 years was a good thing after all!

For what it’s worth, the plot of Wild Geese bears some similarity to the original game:

A British multinational seeks to overthrow a vicious dictator in central Africa. It hires a band of (largely aged) mercenaries in London and sends them in to save the virtuous but imprisoned opposition leader who is also critically ill and due for execution. Just when the team has performed a perfect rescue, the multinational does a deal with the vicious dictator leaving the mercenary band to escape under their own steam and exact revenge. [via IMDB]

A multinational mercenary special-forces leader who sends his men to rescue somebody and overthrow a military leader, only to betray and abandon them after their mission was carried out successfully?  Where have I heard that before?

Looking at the movie poster, I can’t help noticing a slight resemblance to the artwork for the MSX portraits as well…

Kojima, you only stole from the best.

Tweets: [1] [2] [3]

The Wisemen’s Committee

Have you been paying attention to the news lately?

President Johnson: The Patriots — even I don’t know who the actual members are. Are they financial, political, or military leaders? No one knows who the Patriots really are. Even my instructions come from a cut-out. All I’ve been told is that every key decision is made by a group of twelve men known as the Wisemen’s Committee.

Is Kojima a prophet or what?

Thanks to John from Snake Soup forums for comparing the FOX News image [here]

Blizzard is now soulless: confirmed

Listen.  I’ll admit when I’m wrong.  Why, I can remember a day when I was positive that StarCraft 2 would be a legendary example of great game design, and even tried to follow the online Korean tournament scene, GomTV’s “GSL”, you may remember.  I wrote an article about the design principles I believed were behind the choices for the three races’ units and features, then watched as Blizzard fumbled patching and balance until it was clear: they’re clueless.

Well the days have gotten darker for ActivisionBlizzard, as they’ve revealed their greedy little plans to control and monetize everything.  Surely this is Activision’s part in milking Blizzard dry, but that doesn’t pardon anything.  What’s the big sin?  There’s actually 3, as reported by PC Gamer, and summed up by RockPaperShotgun…

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Kojima’s Three Stages of Twitter Response

Kojima TwitterI’ve always been fascinated by the way Hideo Kojima responds to his critics.  Unlike Western artists, he openly cares what people think about him, and even allows it to dictate what he does.  Having used Twitter to voice his random thoughts for a year or two, it’s interesting to see his reflection on what he calls “a pattern of twitter”:

A pattern of twitter. I tweet a certain announcement. First, I get warm applauses and feedbacks from my followers. [1] After the heroic stage, the feedbacks become questions and opinions. Once they are almost done, demands pour in this time. [2] After the “spreading” of these tweets, there are upcoming libelous waves from non-followers. [3]

I’d say he’s right.  Announcements are exciting, so it’s natural for “followers” to applaud it immediately, but soon enough people want to know more, and question things being said; and as people assume more and more, they eventually become convinced of a problem and make demands.  And certainly, once the word spreads to other sites and blogs, the “non-followers” are going to criticize it without restraint.

I thought this was news-worthy, if for no other reason than to reinforce what I’ve said for a long time about Kojima’s sensitivity.

Exposed: Comic-Con winner hired ninja to kill competitors

It has been revealed that the ‘2011 Konami SanDiego Comic-Com Cosplay Contest’ winner, pictured below, was using a deadly accomplice to weed out the competition — permanently.

Yes, while the disturbing crimes have yet to catch the attention of the media or the authorities, the exclusive SnakeSoup reports that this year’s “best in show” winner hired a fellow ninja to assassinate the competition with a single goal in mind: to capture the coveted Ga-Ko.

Here, the ninja is seen posing for the camera as his partner laughs maniacally in the background. Notice the imitation Ga-Ko statue on the floor to the right.

So while we know about the heinous plot, the identity of the “winner” remains illusive, hidden behind impenetrable face paint.

Could it possibly be the brokenhearted 2010 Comic-Com Cosplay Contest loser that I discovered last year?  The original news piece is archived here, but I have re-produced it for your consideration…

July 24, 2010: Kojima likes these costumes

In an apparent bid to stifle the neverending parade of Naked Snake/Big Boss cosplayers who’ve been clogging up the psychotic Metal Gear cosplaying scene for years, Kojima has given both 1st and 2nd place prizes to these folks:

 See that broken-hearted Naked Snake in the background? Hmm, why don’t I remember Raiden having bare legs before? In any case, it was good enough to catch Kojima’s eye, so there you have it. [Source]

Is it possible that the ninja involved in this murder plot is somehow one of these two winners from last year as well?  How long have these people been in secret cooperation?  Just how deep does this mystery go?  As the bodies continue to pile up, I fear that we will see them again next year…

[SnakeSoup] []


In case you read my article Video Games in the Master Plan and didn’t have a good idea of who Rupert Murdoch was, he’s in the news nowadays:

…. In recent days, Murdoch has drawn comparisons to a cruel monarch, Richard Nixon, even the devil.

The scandal centers on revelations that journalists at his top-selling British tabloid, News of the World, gathered information through a variety of possibly illegal endeavors that included phone hacking and bribery of police officers. Last week, he closed the 168-year-old tabloid and withdrew a hard-fought bid for 100 percent ownership of prized satellite TV carrier British Sky Broadcasting. He even met with and apologized to the family of a missing, murdered girl whose phone was hacked by News Corp. journalists. [source]

The owner of Fox News and IGN, ladies and gentlemen.


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