Finished the 2nd draft, and what’s next

The 2nd draft has been finished for a few weeks, which is excellent. The revisions made a big difference for the better, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. At this point the progress on the book is out of my hands, which means I don’t know how long it will take to complete. All I can do is hope for quick developments, like you guys.

After so much effort, planning, and research, it feels almost weird to not be writing about Kojima and his games aside from the occasional update to Part Two of the book will be more familiar territory for me, so less research will be necessary, but of course it would be nice to see some love (or criticism, if that’s how it goes,) from the community for Part One before I set too many things in motion.

Death Stranding and 2nd draft

Hi everyone, I’ve decided to start a blog for Death Stranding called “I’ll Keep Coming”. You can visit to check it out, and if you use Tumblr you can follow updates easily, ask questions, and even submit information. I’m calling it an “infosource” because right now I’m mostly interested in keeping track of as much information as possible about it. Interview clippings, twitter mentions, website updates, trailer footage, screenshots, and everything else related to the game.

As I have been writing my book, I realized how much precious information was lost about old Metal Gear games. It was very hard to research details along the way, and even though we live in the age of Wiki’s and YouTube, it’s amazing how much information gets lost or distorted along the way. Just look at the fact that shut down. Who would’ve guessed that? By collecting information on, I’ll have a copy of everything on my own computer too without needing to specially back up the html files or anything.

Speaking of the book, I’m now working on the 2nd draft. A couple sections of the book need work, and I’m going to do my best to make everything top-notch for you guys who are looking forward to it. Thank you very much for your encouraging emails and sorry if I haven’t replied to them all. The process is not as quick as I’d hoped, but I am always impatient about projects!

Small hints about Kojima’s next game: Uncharted fans will like it

Thanks to The Snake Soup for noticing what DualShockers translated from Weekly Famitsu via Hachima Kikou!

What we have now is a promise that Kojima’s upcoming game will appeal to fans who like Uncharted and The Division.  This means it must involve gunfights, 3rd-person camera, storylines and characters, and rather linear gameplay, I would guess.  You have to wonder why he wouldn’t compare it to Metal Gear Solid 4, since that’s basically the same genre.  Maybe he doesn’t want to give the impression it will involve stealth.  He specifically said he wouldn’t call it “open world” and also gave a disclaimer that people won’t think it’s “edgy” at first:

Last, but not least, he also mentioned that when the game will be announced, some will think that it’s not as edgy as they expected, but they will understand once they get to play it.

So we’ll get to enjoy secret edginess?

I’m not surprised Kojima is starting to tease his new game already, since it’s a very low-cost way of  building anticipation and staying in the spotlight to say such things during interviews.  Honestly, at this point his YouTube channel is producing more content than his game production studio, so fans of his are getting impatient to know what he’s really up to.  There are still a million ways that his next game can do something unique within the traditional genre of the “action-adventure” game, so it’s too early to speculate.  Those hoping for a “P.T.” or “Silent Hills” type of game will probably be disappointed already, though.

“MGSV: Parasitic Legacy” Video attempts to show the Sins of the Father

I won’t embed the video here since there is a special page for it over at the SnakeSoup.  It’s probably best to go there and see the introduction and follow-up material provided by Ravi Singh.  On this page I’ll give my impressions of the video and reply to its arguments.

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GamesDoneLegit has some Metal Gear reading suggestions

I’m happy to see that my humble blog has appeared on the list of recommended reading presented by GamesDoneLegit, called “6 Metal Gear Solid Reads That Will Change How You See The World“. Chris Hatala describes the articles, sites and books that had an impact on him. It’s great to see somebody really digging into the intellectual side of the series, as Kojima intended.

I noticed he said he’d like to know more about my upcoming Metal Gear book, and honestly I am so closed to finished that I’m planning to make an update video pretty soon. It may seem like it’s taking a long time, but considering I work full time and the book involves fact-checking and digging up old material, I think I’m making pretty decent progress. How soon is “soon”? Who knows, I don’t have a very open schedule!