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December 25, 2008 - January 4, 2010:

In order from newest to oldest:

 January 4, 2010: New Year, new plans

 So last year was pretty awesome, from the many comics I created to the various podcasts and fascinating articles that were published for your enjoyment/consideration. (And even though it's not so popular, MGSFIVE was pretty cool too.) Thanks for staying tuned, and don't worry, there'll be more!

 I want to get a capture card so I can take video of certain Metal Gear moments; I'm still working on that project regarding secret information about MGS4; the "Sold Out" series of articles will go on. Reviews on Portable Ops, Peace Walker demo, and who-knows-what-else will be forged in time.

 Thank you for your emails and interest, and stay tuned!

 December 20, 2009: Christmas Wallpaper!

 Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good boss fight!

 It's what you've always wanted! You're welcome.

 December 17, 2009: Demo/Soldier War is over

 In more TF2 related news, the double-class update for the Demo Man and Soldier is pretty much over! We don't know who "won" yet, but we know what kind of items they are going to receive.  Are they awesome? Yes they are. I can't wait to see the 7th weapon, which I'm sure will go to that damned Soldier!

Demo Man

 This art was done as a reaction to the ingenius "Propaganda Contest" held by Valve as part of the event. No word yet whether I won a prize, but considering that there were apparently 11,000 entries... We'll safely assume not!

 Keep up the awesome work Valve, and guys, seriously you need to play Team Fortress 2 if you don't own it already. It's a free weekend starting right now, so give it a shot!

 December 10, 2009: TF2 Updates Coming

 Have you seen this? I've already talked about how TF2 is better than MGO, and the proof continues to pile up. What we have here is some kind of "war" (according to the URL) and the promise of a whole lot of fancy new weaponry.

 My guess is that this will be a double class update like the Sniper vs Spy one, and I implore you to jump in and play if you haven't already. It keeps getting better and better!

 December 1, 2009: Peace Walker release date

 According to some people, Famitsu (that Japanese magazine) has reported that the release date for Peace Walker is officially March 18, 2010.

 Sounds good to me, gives me time to finish some stuff.

 November 24, 2009: Last Hour article

 What the heck? Why I am writing this massive, kickass review of Last Hour, when I should be doing more important Metal Gear-related updates? Uhhh, maybe because this movie is simply too awesome to go un-reviewed?

 November 11, 2009: Remembrance Day

 As a tribute to the soldiers who have died fighting for their home land, in keeping with the Metal Gear theme, I've created this piece of art featuring The Sorrow.

 November 10, 2009: Happy Birthday to me

 And yeah, it just so happens that somebody got me Portable Ops for my birthday today, so I suppose I could do a proper review of that now! Then again, I also got a copy of Yoshi Island DS, so... I may be putting it off for a while. Thanks everyone.

 November 4, 2009: Metal Gear Declassified update

 Who really cares about the English Peace Walker demo promised by Kojima Productions? Not this guy! I'm more interested in this information I've been looking at... This won't be just another article. Presentation will be key.

 October 31, 2009: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

 The Fear! The Fear!! Hope you had a Happy Halloween, everyone! Enjoy the high resolution artwork by yours truly.

 October 23, 2009: Comic & Metal Gear Declassified

 Hey, a new comic!

 For the last few days I've been pouring over fascinating new information about Metal Gear Solid 4. And while I'm not at liberty to divulge what it is yet, I will make sure to bring it to your attention as soon as possible.

 Ocotober 15, 2009: Vocaloid speculation

 These guys and others are reporting about the new "Vocaloid" voice-synthesis functions of Peace Walker, discussed a little bit in the latest Famitsu. There aren't hard facts, but Kojima's mention of hooking up the system to a computer (yeah, I can't seem to find where I read that again, so email me if you know...) makes me think that players will need to plug their PSPs into the computer, type in messages to be synthesized, save them, and have them played back in game for various quirky reasons.

 Considering the cooperative nature of Peace Walker and the potential for online play, this could be a useful alternative to yelling into your PSP every time you want to "talk" to your friends. And depending on the middleware, it's possible this could also provide some automatic censorship. Real-time typing doesn't sound plausible, so it will be interesting to see how vital this function becomes. (My guess: completely optional.)

 Of course, the interview hints about using it against bosses, and mentions something about singing? Let's hope it's not as queer as it sounds, and ends up being some kind of mind-warping postmodern genius instead.

 October 13, 2009: Peace Walker Ripoff update

 Because some people (who will remain anonymous) apparently don't realize that it was meant as a joke, I've updated the "4 Ways" article with a disclaimer admitting it.

 Come on guys, did you believe this too?

 October 11, 2009: Cinderella on an Acid Trip

 I told you at the end of the podcast that I would be writing something about how Peace Walker will compare to Metal Gear AC!D, right? Well it's finished, along with special page for Peace Walker articles. It's a two-part asskicker, to be sure!

 October 5, 2009: New podcast! New offcial Peace Walker website

 Joining me for yet another enjoyable podcast is none other than Joey Urtiaga — this time we discuss Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid: Rising. You can't miss it! Check it out.

 Also, if you haven't checked it out yet, go to the new Kojima Productions Peace Walker website and look at the fanciness! Here's a taste:

 October 5, 2009: Tons of new stuff coming

 Yeah Oh Yeah, so much cool stuff. Get ready to absorb some quality work my brothers. Coming soon!

 September 27, 2009: Trailer, demo, and article update

 So the new Peace Walker trailer is out, and I'm downloading that whole demo thing if I can get that to work. Then I'll give a more serious analysis of the game. But until then you'll have to be satisfied with all the other websites coverage of Peace Walker.

 What I can say so far is that the trailer looks legitimately decent — but then again, so did everything we saw of MGS4 before it was released. Oh well, I look forward to trying it.

 And yes, I made a small correction in my 4 Ways Peace Walker Ripped Off My MGSFIVE Fan Fiction article. A small one.

 September 21, 2009: Peace Walker article + news

 I can't take it anymore. I need to point this before it eats me alive: Hideo Kojima is ripping off my MGSFIVE fan fiction! I wrote a short article which highlights the top 4 pieces of evidence for all the world to see!

 And hey, want to know what the upcoming Peace Walker demo will be like? There's an explanation right here on the TGS site. Check it out:

 Sounds really boring to me, but maybe that's because I'm old fashioned and I enjoy new experiences, not the same thing over and over on a much inferior platform. Hopefully the story is awesome enough to compensate. (Yeah, right...)

 September 11, 2009: Old Glory, group shot

 The character bio for "Champ" character Old Glory has been published, along with a group screenshot.

 September 4, 2009: First "Champs" comic!

 The first "Champs" comic is now online for you to enjoy! Taken from first-hand experience, drawn, and colored by yours truly, it's truly a "super" comic!


 September 3, 2009: Nanomachines!

 Weren't expecting one of these, were you? Well it turns out that Champions Online's servers turned into Jello pudding, so I made time. Yes, MGS4: Sold Out returns in style with a section on the much-reviled nanomachine overkill!

 September 1, 2009: Presenting "Champs"!

 Thanks to the inspiring character-creator of Champions Online and the adventures that ensue with friends in an MMO, I am hereby creating a new comic series for the site entitled "Champs", which will follow the exploits of 3 peculiar superheroes. This will help fill the void that is created by playing an MMO regularly, broaden the site's range of content, and allow for more of those comics you all love so much.

 Look forward to actual comics in the coming weeks. For now you can enjoy the character page of the egomaniacal CIA super-agent, Roger Dodger, and his overzealous pagan cyber-god emperor friend, Commodus!

 August 23, 2009: New article! New beta! Captain Picard?

 As promised, here is a brand-spanking-new article for you to digest at your leisure: a review of Metal Gear AC!D! The first "normal" review on the site. It'll be updated as I progress further in the game and have time to put some touches on it. Look forward to that in the indeterminable future.

 Also, I'm now part of the Champions Online beta, which is also an MMO, but this time a superhero type! I expect this will consume quite a bit of my free time. But hey it's not like anything cool is happening anyway. Like goddamn Captain Picard narrating the new Castlevania... We'll assume that we can thank Kojima's hollywood-calibur star power as a director for that.

 August 18, 2009: PS3 slim, article approaching


 Yeah big secret, here it is. Lower price is good, no backwards compatibility is very lame, and hopefully these don't screw up and break like 54% of Xbox360's.

 Anyway, more importantly, I'll be making a new article soon.

 August 10, 2009: Huxley-related news

 Hello again, just popping in to let you know I've been selected as a beta tester for the Huxley closed beta #2, and have therefore been forced to delay my playing and reviewing of Metal Gear Ac!d. I know, it's tragic!

 This is a game I've been looking forward to for some years now, and although I can't disclose anything about it thanks to an agreement, I can tell you that it's been occupying much of my free time. So look forward to regular stuff some time in the future!

 Oh, and did you know that you're welcomed to join me? Yes, according to the site, you can download the game client here and help stress the servers. Make a character, go into town, etc. during the testing hours, and try to break it!

 August 02, 2009: La-Li-Lu-Le-LOL #18

 People have been begging for more comics, and it just so happens I have one for you! Enjoy!

 July 31, 2009: PSP purchase opens new doors

 Yes, today I finally bit the bullet and bought a PSP along with the two AC!D games. Used, so they were all cheaper of course, but I will no longer have to ridicule the Metal Gear's portable spinoffs from a distance. Expect related material to surface in the near future.

 Several major projects still slowly making progress, and you can expect further installments of "MGS4: Sold Out" as well.

 July 21, 2009: New Article!

 It's been a while, but I have something for you. It's not another "Sold Out" article, but rather a sort of... defense of them! You'll see. Read it for yourself, won't you?

 July 9, 2009: MGS4: Sold Out part 6

 It's not over yet!! Part 6 of "MGS4: Sold Out" takes a look at the saga's ultimate villain, Liquid Ocelot. Read on!

 July 5, 2009: Updates soon

 A new article and comic will be appearing in the next few days.

 July 1, 2009: Street Fighter IV update

 Part 2 of the Street Fighter IV review has been published. Why make a part 2? Well, it seems I was a bit hasty with my first one... So here it is.

 Also, not that anyone would care, but I will be putting the date on every article from now on.

 June 13, 2009: Peace Walker movie announced

 Didn't think that Kojima was serious about Peace Walker being the next major installment in the series? As it was revealed today to an obscure Japanese film magazine, that's what the Metal Gear movie is going to be about!

Big Boss in decorative uniform

 Anyone who thought it would be Shadow Moses is going to have to think again. There was even a small movie still in the magazine which seems to be Big Boss reuniting with Eva, or perhaps it's some other lady. Expect there to be rampant fanboy speculation about this in the coming weeks.

 Guess I'm going to have to buy that PSP after all... (source)

 June 11, 2009: New Sold Out article

 Continuing our popular "MGS4: Sold Out" series, we have added Part 5: Beauty & Beast Unit. Enjoy!

 June 7, 2009: E3 Roundup '09

 In this special report, a special guest star provides some commentary on the various products and aspects of this years Electronic Entertainment Expo! Check it out right here!

 June 3, 2009: E3 news

 All this E3 news shall be distilled and processed in due time. So far there are some interesting choices on the part of Kojima, which I look forward to analyzing in the coming days and weeks. For now, let's all just relax and take things with a grain of salt.

 May 31, 2009: Activity and plans

 It's not very important to update a Metal Gear fansite constantly, but I probably would have if I had not been busy buying a new car in the last few days. Anyway, I'm working on 2 major projects right now; one of which should be finished in the next few weeks, and the other which has been going on forever and may stretch into infinity due to its scope. And no, neither of them have to do with MGSFIVE.

 May 27, 2009: Big Boss beret logo

Big Boss MGS5 logo  Since other MGS fansites don't seem to be featuring this bit of information, the logo on the beret of Big Boss reads "Militaires Sans Frontieres", translating from French into "Soldiers Without Borders" and referring to Big Boss' dream of Outer Heaven obviously. The skull is shaped like a map, and considering the "canon" story of MPO, it's a very fair assumption that this will be continuing that story.

 Will we play as Big Boss in France or whatever? Who cares. The important thing is that the story doesn't suck as much as MPO and MGS4, which it probably will.

 May 26, 2009: Big Boss teaser reveal

 Kojima Next Big Boss

 The first meaningful image belonging to the teaser site has been revealed, and it's a render of young Big Boss. If MGS5 will star Big Boss, it has a lot of potential, but so did the Portable Ops games, and they were crap.

 The letters "P" and "R" show up now as well.

 May 25, 2009: Integral Podcast page

 I've put up a page for MGS4 Integral Podcasts, for those who want to view the easter eggs without having to dig through old news. Here's the latest:

 Starting in the second half of Shadow Moses, we have a very boring podcast about how much work was put into re-creating Shadow Moses, but also an easter egg showing Kojima's ghostly visage. And for those who didn't know, they explain the secret passcodes that you can put into the computer in Otacon's old laboratory:

78925: Policenauts song
13462: Policenauts song
14893: Lots of drebin points

 I was glad to hear Aki Saito say that he hates the Dwarf Gekko enemies, and Sean Eyestone replying that most people hate them as well. Well no wonder.

 The Outer Haven ship is simply a walkthrough, with no interesting easter eggs.

 May 24, 2009: Corrections

 Sorry, but I just realized a bunch of links on the page weren't working! What! Somebody should have told me about it. Oh well, it should be fixed now.

 May 23, 2009: Oh you tease!

 The teaser site is getting more interesting now, as expected, and aside from becoming more cloudy, we're being shown some more symbols. According to my interpretation, putting the symbols together is spelling: "E3 S5" and the sixth Chinese zodiac symbol, for "Snake"...

snake zodiac

Snake Zodiac

 Which means we can expect to see MGS5 at E3, and it will somehow involve snakes somehow. We couldn't have guessed that! It's just too bad marketing isn't what makes a good game.

 Speaking of good games, Team Fortress 2 has released the Spy and Sniper class updates simultaneously, along with new maps and some other stuff, and it is extremely enjoyable. Seems like the "free weekend" is overloading Valve's servers though, so I can't play right now!

 May 19, 2009: Like I promised, here's Part 4

 MGS4: Sold Out has been updated with a brand new section. The topic? Raiden! Read it now if you're into that sort of thing.

 I'll be working on an entirely different article soon, so look forward to that as well. I've got vacation this week so that means more free time to work on the site! Yippee!

 May 18, 2009: Even worse than anticipated

 Who would have guessed that the cryptic "T -3 Days" email sent to would turn out to be nothing more than a heads-up about a cryptic teaser site which ultimately proves not only to be unworthy of attention, but merely a countdown to E3. As if we couldn't have guessed that they would have something to announce there. Or perhaps we should let 1up describe it...

No, just stupid people

"Just think about the potential: An announcement of an announcement of an announcement of an announcement of an announcement of an announcement of an announcement. Only from master media manipulator Hideo Kojima, ladies and gentlemen." (source)

 Way to translate your embarrassing pre-teaser-hype into some kind of epic worldwide magic trick. The correct reaction to this shameless marketing scheme is disappointment, not congratulations. MGS4 proved that great marketing does not equal great delivery.

 Also, I'm working on Part 4 of MGS4: Sold Out.

 May 17, 2009: Ah, feels good to be home again

 You may notice it's roomier around here than before, thanks to our new Quite Wide Format™ technology! With this recent innovation, you can look forward to things like:

  • Deeper news commentary
  • Pictures in the news updates
  • Like this...

Flashbacks of MGS4's ever-present load screens:

 I would suggest lowering your expectations for whatever announcement this ends up being, even if it is the announcement of the next MGS installment. A lot has changed since the pre-MGS4 days, and this time around I'm going to play the skeptic from the beginning. Once bitten, twice shy...

 Speaking the next MGS installment, I hope you enjoyed the MGSFIVE: Sins of Libertine site. I wanted to post it before the hype for MGS5 started, and it looks like my timing may have been perfect. I look forward to comparing their ideas against mine, since I bothered to remember that there was supposed to be a major "oil crisis" twenty-some years before MGS4's fuel-guzzling world war of the PMCs, and they didn't. Things like that tend to undermine a story if you ignore them.

 I'll be updating the MGSFIVE pages every now and then, along with everything else. We're back in business.

April 24, 2009:

Well, this is interesting. I will certainly have to do something about this. Yes, indeed...

Oh... What? Nevermind. Forget it.

April 19, 2009:

Wow I spoil you guys.

La-Li-Lu-Le-LOL #16 is up.

April 16, 2009:

Two more Integral Podcasts have been plundered by yours truly, and here are the findings...

In Europe:
- A bookshelf with blurry ass magazines
- A blurry ass poster on a wall

In Shadow Moses:
- Ghosts and the "exorcise" option
- Exporting ghost pictures don't work
- Footprints in the hallway

Also if you want a laugh, listen to the Shadow Moses podcast and hear a half hour discussion of trying to get a certain brand of noodles in the game, filled with censored words! rofl!

April 14, 2009:

Updated the Snake is Old section of MGS4: Sold Out with some more evidence.

April 13, 2009:

April Fools noobs!!!!!!!!1 It turns out that both the "Priceless Chance for Love Challenge" AND the "$100 Please Love Me Challenge" were nothing more than trickery!!

Thanks to all the ladies who replied, but you should have known that it was simply too good to be true! Better luck next time.

April 9, 2009:

Part 3 of MGS4: Sold Out is up!

Also, due to the surprising amount of emails I received in response to my Priceless Chance For Love Challenge, I am now offering a $100 prize for the winner! Just follow the newly revised instructions here and good luck.

April 8, 2009:

I have updated Kojima VS MGS4 with more proof that Kojima did not want to work on the game. Meanwhile, Part 3 of MGS4: Sold Out is coming soooon!

April 5, 2009:

La la la! New comic for you fine readers.

April 2, 2009:

Whoa cool! Check out Part 2 of MGS4: Sold Out, called "War is Routine".

Also, I decided to replace the "$61 EGM Challenge" with a bit of a personals advertisement for those female readers of who are single and interested. No fake submissions please.

March 30, 2009:

Updated Part 1 of MGS4: Sold Out with more screenshots and expanded analysis.

March 29, 2009:

New La-Li-Lu-Le-LOL comic for you! But...

More importantly, MGS4: Sold Out has begun with Part 1: Pre-Game Fake Television. I was going to post the whole thing as one massive report, but I figured it would be better to update the site more often with smaller things.

March 20, 2009:

I added some more to Kojima VS MGS4.

March 19, 2009:

So I guess I've been saving people the effort of actually playing through the Integral Podcast walkthroughs you can download from the Extras section of Metal Gear Solid 4, by posting the "easter eggs" here. Remember, this information is integral.

I forgot to post the results of the other week's, but I took screenshots of that one, and today's. Here's the goods:

Act 2 stuff:
- A secret poster behind a boring painting

Act 3 stuff:
- House numbers
- Cool pose
- Stupid pose
- Another poster

I took some other screenshots I might add to some kind of gallery eventually. Oh, and as for the information they give you on the game's development, here's the summary: "We put way too much work into all sorts of details". Go fig.

March 14, 2009:

Ha ha ha, new comic.

March 9, 2009:

I told you we'd have something for the ladies! We did a sizzling NEW PODCAST about all the Metal Gear Solid 5 speculation going on. Download the awesomeness by clicking here!

March 8, 2009:

Doot doot doo. New La-Li-Lu-Le-LOL comic for you fine gentlemen right here!! And for the ladies? Don't worry, we've got something for you coming up soon...

March 3, 2009:

Sticking with the "versus" theme, I decided to do a little old comparison between Metal Gear Online and Team Fortress 2. Read it here!

A rather unintersting Integral Podcast was released some time ago, which explores the "Power Station" in Act 2. The only thing that could qualify as an "easter egg" is the billboard for the PMCs. The next one will start at the "Confinement Facility" when you enter it from the left path, after Drebin.

Also I noticed a news flash while logged into MGO saying that as of today they're hammering down on "lag cheaters". Twould be better if they just fixed it.

February 28, 2009:

As will become more common as I get bored with strictly MGS and site news, I'd like to share some information on a different game that I'm looking forward to, totally unrelated to the MGS series: StarCraft 2. has summarized a recent update in the progress of the game's development that is downright interesting to appreciators of good game design. Check it out. Highly creative ways of dealing with complicated game problems... We don't see enough of it nowadays.

Also I'll be making a podcast (perhaps solo-style) in the near future.

February 27, 2009:

Want your Metal Gear Online news fast and reliable? Say no more buddy, I found just the place for you. If you want to visit the website, please use a computer. Please do not use the PLAYSTATION®3 Web Browser.

February 19, 2009:

New La-Li-Lu-Le-LOL comic!!

I'm still making huge progress on those big projects I mentioned earlier, so that's why I haven't been updating more often.

February 18, 2009:

The Scout Update for Team Fortress 2 is finally being revealed, one day at a time. Why am I posting this news on a Metal Gear fansite? Cuz.

Also, I forgot to totally copy SnakeSoup's news that Kojima will announce MGS4's arrival on the Xbox 360 in March's Choice Awards Ceremony. Tell everyone!

February 11, 2009:

Are you noticing a pattern here? Oh well, the followup to "The Long, Dark Path to MGS4" is here for you to enjoy. It's called Kojima VS MGS4.

February 9, 2009:

Lo and behold, MGS:TUS is back. I bet you had to come here to find that out, didn't you.

February 6, 2009:

La-Li-Lu-Le-LOL Comic #10!

And to honour this occassion, I have moved some of the old news to the Old News section! Yay!

February 5, 2009:

New Integral Podcast came out I guess, so download it and play along! It will almost make the second part of the following-Naomi's-footprints part of the game seem fun! I notice they mention something about working on new projects and doing a trip to Spain, but I'm kind of done reading into any early hyping they want to do after crap like Touch.

Also, here's a new illustration. I know you like those.

February 3, 2009:

I have several big, secret projects in the works for the site right now, hence the lack of smaller updates. But depending on how I feel I might whip up a new comic or illustration soon.

January 29, 2009:

It's late I know, but here are two screenshots from the newest Integral Podcast downloadable extra from MGS4. Hardcore fans will enjoy these serious bits of info!

Also, a new comic for once! (Sorry, I guess the link to La-Li-Lu-Le-LOL #9 was there, but simply broken?

January 25, 2009:

Another riveting Report has been published by yours truly! It's called The Long, Dark Path to Metal Gear Solid 4 and it's a doozy, man! Go on and read it.

January 23, 2009:

Metal Gear Online is going to get a "Bomb Mission" in four days, where one team must plant a bomb and protect it until it explodes -- much like Counter-Strike, I guess.

This has great potential to add variety to the online play.


January 20, 2009:

Added the Illustrations series under the Comics section. They're not actually comics, just artwork related to Metal Gear and other games. The first one is Naked Snake leaning against something.

January 18, 2009:

The VR Theory: The Arguments Against has been added to the Metal Gear Solid 2 Reports section for all of you who've been waiting so impatiently!

January 16, 2009:

As if my other Reports weren't more than enough awesome for one lifetime, I'm going ahead and dropping this in your faces: 5 Ways That Urban Justice is Better Than Guns of the Patriots. (Droppin' it like it's hot.)

Also, made the buttons fancy rollover types.

January 13, 2009:

A new comic for y'all. Plus I have an explosive new article ready to be published, but I want to pace myself out.

January 11, 2009:

The newest, Payton-free in-game downloadable "Integral Podcast" has been released (as of the 9th) and features a walkthrough of the building before you meet Rat Patrol. Download it in the "Extras" section of MGS4 and listen to it on your in-game "iPod". It's pretty sweet, and free of course.

It includes such important tips as this and this.

January 10, 2009:

Podcast #2: Metal Gear Spinoffs is up and ready for viewing! Joined by Joey Urtiaga once again, we're talking about all of the games besides the main saga.

New comic as well

January 9, 2009:

The VR Theory is now available!

Includes exclusive, never-before-seen evidence, freshly compiled and re-written for true fans of the Metal Gear series to enjoy!

January 6, 2009:

Minor site redesign going on, but behind the scenes lots of work being done on the VR Theory and a new comic!

In other news, 1UP has been sold and its beloved podcasts have been canned. Rather than crying about the tragedy, however, both fans and employees should be thankful that these lucky people had their time in the spotlight — more than enough time to gather a following wherever they land.

January 4, 2009:

"Activate it!" ...The forum, that is.

January 3, 2009: is proud to announce it's new affiliation with The Snake Soup! Go there now to watch a hilarious video interview with the cast of Metal Gear Solid 4.

Also, in potentially big news, a forum is currently under development for MetaGearSolid. Look forward to it soon!

January 2, 2009:

I'm a day late with Happy New Year, so I'll just make up for it with another La-Li-Lu-Le-LOL comic. I'm starting to make hi-resolution art available under the pictures.

December 31, 2008:

Joey Urtiaga, who you may remember from the "PTT Podcast" at MGS:TUS, joins me for the site's first podcast! The subject? LittleBigPlanet. It's a reasonable 19:49 in length; download it and hear what we sound like! Or listen to the YouTube version instead right here!

December 30, 2008:

The "I Need Scissors" $61 EGM Challenge has been posted. Find out how to make easy money from yours truly.

December 29, 2008:

The Legacy of Metal Gear Solid 2 has been added to the Reports section of the site, and work has begun on The VR Theory.

More details on MGS Touch, via SnakeSoup. It's obviously another boring capitalization of the MGS franchise.

December 25, 2008:

Site design underway. Also, it's Christmas Day.

Actual updates coming soon.


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