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 March 21, 2011: Moment of clarity allows Kojima to observe "It seems Libya is in trouble"

 Breaking news. I always knew Kojima had his finger on the pulse of the world, but this is the kind of insight that truly sets him apart. Kojima has said that "It seems Libya is in trouble" via his Twitter account.

Libya seems to be in trouble

 Most analysts and news reporters have said that Libya is totally fine in the face of airstrikes, rebel uprisings and a desperate dictator trying to cling to power. Kojima begs to differ. Perhaps we should take a new look at the Middle East situation with this helpful new insight.

 Naturally, Kojima remains a controversial public voice.

 March 18, 2011: KojiPro earthquake support site

 Kojima Productions has created a website called "Together Japan", giving encouragement to victims of the terrible earthquake and I'm not sure what else. Here's the Google translation version. On the site, Kojima and Snake both have messages to stay strong. Thanks to andriasang.

 Just so you know, I may have solved our malfunctioning site problem. We'll see how it goes.

 March 16, 2011: Well this is either good or bad

 Well hello there. I'm currently editing this page via some random freeware HTML editor I just downloaded, and not my fancy normal program. Why? Because the computer I created this site on (I have two computers) seems to be corrupted.

It's giving me system errors when I try to open the editing program I use! Seems to have been caused by defragmenting the hard drive somehow. What this means is no more real updates until I get the program reinstalled on this computer, which may not be easy, or I come up with an alternative. Enjoy the site as it is for now, that much should be fine still and there's plenty of stuff you probably haven't gotten around to reading yet. This would be a good time for catching up!

Let's also say that this is just a viral marketing campaign leading up to a big April Fool's Day prank, sort of like my old MGSFIVE fan fiction gag, where I swapped the index page with the MGSFIVE page and pretended it was real. Except instead of a fake game, it would be a real site redesign. Hmm. Yes that will do.

 March 10, 2011: MGO vs TF2 part 4

 The voluptuous part 4 of our Metal Gear Online vs Team Fortress 2 series is now available for your perusal. Read, laugh, and cry as you contemplate the silliness of videogame companies.

 Once again, here is the link!

 March 8, 2011: Dark Corners of the Nothing Area section under construction

 It has been said that every great website has some section which, despite the wishes of its creator, nobody ever visits; these are called the "dark corners" of the site. They're also known as "nothing areas". For, our darkest corner has been the MGSFIVE fan fiction section for a long time (for obvious reasons, really.) That'll change soon.

 I've wanted to take MGSFIVE off the main page for a while, and while I have many ideas for how to replace it, I couldn't think of how to label it without resorting to boring stuff like "Misc." or "Other Stuff". With names like that, it would be sure to remain a dark corner, and a nothing area. So eventually, after a lot of careful thought, I decided to give up trying and give it a name so stupid that it would be irresistible to curious minds.

 What will you find in the nothing area of this site?

 Oh I don't know, anything really. Maybe a review of some TV show I watched, or a drawing of a fat woman being really surprised. I'm not going to lie, this area of the site will probably be very unpopular, but that doesn't bother me. Maybe it will end up being like a blog. I'll keep you informed. That is all.

 March 7, 2011: Happy 10th anniversary to Metal Gear Forever, plus Konami Facebook survey

 Our friends at Metal Gear Forever are celebrating their 10th anniversary (which is like a 100th anniversary in Internet Years) so we'd like to applaud them for being so "solid" all of these years! Ha, ha, get it? Solid.

 This is also pretty great: Konami is doing an in-depth Facebook survey about Metal Gear games. This is probably the best chance you'll ever have to influence the direction of the series, so go do it.

 As for me, I got another article coming together, should be up this week. Although I did just get Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for the PSP, so I may be bit distracted.

 February 24, 2011: Podcast? Yes, a podcast

 Podcast #6! This time yours truly scours the net for Metal Gear headlines so that I may give my rambling, mumbling, barely coherent opinion about them. Including:

  - The 'Devil Project' speculation
  - Metal Gear Online patch notes
  - Guinness World Records recognizing Solid Snake
  - The death of
  - And more!

 If you want to leave feedback and give your own opinion, remember to swing by the official Formspring page and send them my way. There should be plenty to complain about. Personally, I'm ashamed of it!

 And hey, if you can speak as eloquently as me (which you do) and enjoy talking about Metal Gear stuff, which you should, then email me and the next podcast will have a co-host! That would be excellent, don't you think?

 Again, the link to the podcast is here. Or download the file.

 February 20, 2011: Dara O'Briain, hell yes

 Hey, just found out about this. Have you seen the YouTube clip of comic genius Dara O'Briain bravely sticking his neck out in front of a packed house in order to do a massive, risky bit about videogames, and especially Metal Gear Solid? The man is a hero: We salute you, Mr. O'Briain.

 Start watching at 5:40 for the best stuff. Jay Mohr and his played-out shtick about ninja looting in World of Warcraft can kiss my ass.

 February 19, 2011: Bed World is not Sex World, Mr. Kojima-san

Kojima's Adventure in Bed World(Source: Here, Here)

 February 18, 2011: Part 11, Shadow Moses is Dead and Buried

 Here's the link for the latest MGS4: Sold Out article. There's going to be even more of these coming along, so look forward to that. Read read read!

 Also, our fancy new Formspring page is warming up a little, so go ahead and join in. You don't need an account to use it, so just throw in a question or comment and I'll give you a reply! Or if you prefer to talk privately about whatever, e-mail me, ladies! Guys, only e-mail me if it's something interesting.

 Don't worry, MGO vs TF2 will continue as well. I sometimes like to juggle these different series of articles, so there you go.

 EDIT: Oh, about that Formspring page, if you guys could let me know whenever there's a link that's not working right or something, that would be great, I always seem to find them long afterward. Thanks!

 February 17, 2011: MGS4: Sold Out returning

 The wait is almost over, as Part 11 of the MGS4: Sold Out series of articles will be uploaded soon. What will it be about? You'll find out! You might want to read the Intermission and other ones in preparation.

 February 3, 2011: MGO vs TF2 part 3 already!

 How does the game look, and why does it matter? I'm not a graphics fanatic, but there's a very real psychological level of design in art, and its essential to making a coherent experience in games. That's what Part 3 of the series looks at. Enjoy!

 January 30, 2011: Updated part 2, and PSP2

 I wasn't satisfied with part 2 of my MGO vs TF2 article, so I reworked it to make it read much better. I suggest you read it again, and part three should be coming along soon enough.

 Also, the PSP2 has been revealed and Kojima has praised it. A tech demo showed that MGS4 runs pretty well on it, which is quite a feat. Who knows what kind of crazy stuff Kojima Productions will make for it. Let's just hope it's something original for once.

 January 20, 2011: MGO vs TF2 part 2!

 Part 2 of the Metal Gear Online versus Team Fortress 2 series of articles is now available for your viewing pleasure!

 January 18, 2011: Yoji Shinkawa's artwork displayed

Remember Yoji Shinkawa? His stunning art is being displayed in the Konami Style store, where people can take a look and also buy stuff. It's so unfair. Source.

 January 15, 2011: Reading for Relief tonight and tomorrow

 Just a reminder that the Reading for Relief charity, in which the Resident Evil and Metal Gear novel series will be read dramatically for your enjoyment, is starting this evening and will continue for a full 24 hours! Should be pretty neat!

 Click on over to the site and have fun!

 January 13, 2011: Monster Hunter, hiring news

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd The Boss Who would have guessed the upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 3rd would feature cross-promotional Metal Gear stuff?

 Similar to the Peace Walker, players will find a new quest series in the game which will unlock special Metal Gear equipment. I don't know how the game works but I guess you get to play as The Boss if you beat the missions? Who cares.

 Anyway, Kojima Productions is also looking for new staff to help with the production of the next generation Metal Gear games. Thanks to Andriasang for the cool news.

 January 8, 2011: Comic revival returns for 2011!

 You thought I forgot about the site's comics section! But far from it, I have been waiting until this very moment to unveil a masterpiece! Mwahaha.

 Here is the third comic revival event!

 It's looks even better in high resolution, so click on that little link below the comic if you want MAXIMUM ENJOYMENT. Who doesn't want maximum enjoyment? So check it out.

 January 6, 2011: MGO vs TF2 article improved

 Just a heads up: I updated yesterday's Metal Gear Online versus Team Fortress 2 article to read more smoothly and added some stuff.

 January 5, 2011: Metal Gear Online vs Team Fortress 2, Part One: Getting In!

 Remember Metal Gear Online? It was the multiplayer portion of Metal Gear Solid 4. Did you know it's still around to this day? Huh! Who would have guessed?

 I compared these two games in a past article, but that was a long time ago! It's 2011, so let's go back and see what's changed, and what's stayed the same. Except this time we'll break it up into five parts, and go a bit deeper into the moral of the story.

 Here's part 1, entitled "Getting In". Enjoy!

 January 4, 2011: A fond look back at 2010

 We're here in 2011, but as we look forward we must also look back. With that in mind, let's take a trip down memory lane and see what how we got here, and we accomplished.

 Here is 2010: What We Accomplished.

 Looking over the news items, I can't help noticing the hype surrounding Peace Walker before its release, as well as the ongoing mystery about what Kojima's next "taboo" project will be. It's a console game, it will be revolutionary, and he has his top staff working on it. It's also rumored to be finished in 2012. With Metal Gear Solid: Rising and the 3DS Snake Eater game hogging the Kojima Productions spotlight recently, this one seems to be keeping itself quite secret.

 But considering how long the marketing campaign for these things usually go, I would fully expect to get new information early this year. Just something to look forward to.

 January 1, 2011: New Year Happiness, Formspring account, new email address!

 Well folks, I don't mean to get too sentimental here—seeing as we hardly know each other—but if you're kind enough to be spending part of your New Years reading this modest website... Well then, you have my best wishes going forward into this new year. Thanks for being with us, and cheers!

Here's Yer Fireworks!

 I've got a couple good articles in the works right now, including a bit of a retrospective on the bygone year here at Here's a hint: we're pretty damn sweet, and it looks like we're gonna stay that way. 

 In the spirit of staying sweet (and of new things), I have decided to start a shiny new Formspring account so that you folks can ask me questions without the hassle of email (so much work!) and eventually accumulate enough information to be interesting. I don't have any plan for it, so I'll basically be following your collective lead. Although let me make it clear: this is a perfect chance to give feedback, request articles, get personal, and argue with me, in a totally one-sided environment where I call the shots!

 Lastly, but not leastly, I welcome you to use our new email address: It's like the Formspring account, except I'll probably take it more seriously and nobody will see what you tell me!

 December 15, 2010: Christmas wishes!

 Now look Santa, I've been a good boy, so please give me what I ask for. All I want are these 6 things to be done in Metal Gear Solid: Rising! It's not too much to ask, is it?

 December 9, 2010: Substance Abuse

 I've decided to take a closer look at a very overlooked installment in the Metal Gear series, and what it tells us about the direction it has been going for so long.

 I call it Substance Abuse.

 November 21, 2010: Scarab: The Hated Mascot now submitted for your approval!

 Yeah it's taken a while, but there's nothing interesting going on with the series anyway, right? Don't worry though, here's a new article, analyzing an important subject! Hooray!

 November 15, 2010: Illustration up

 Here's a new illustration I made, featuring none other than Fortune from Metal Gear Solid 2.

 October 7, 2010: Hilarious political comic!

 You ever think back to how suspiciously accurate the plot of MGS2 is to what has happened in real life? Well the parallels just got a little bit more concrete!

 September 26, 2010: Peace Walker's Allegory

 That didn't take long now did it? The new article is available now, so go ahead and check it out.

 The main reason I put it off this until now is because one of my readers requested to write an article about Peace Walker's allegory soon after it was released, and I was waiting for him to submit it. But he never did, and my interest shifted, so here we are! Hope you enjoy it.

 September 25, 2010: Heads up

 Been a while since I updated the site, so I'm just going to give you all a heads up that I have some stuff in the proverbial pipeline. I'd like to get an article and a comic out within the next week, so we'll see.

 Metal Gear news has been completely uninteresting lately, huh? Even Kojima's famous twitter blog is dead. Oh well, that's the nature of a marketing hype cycle.

 September 3, 2010: SCII GSL draws near

 The Global StarCraft League created by GomTV is nigh, so now would be your chance to see history in the making. There is a handful of American and European players in the tournament, despite the fact that it's held in South Korea and requires them to live there!

 I wish them luck, because it would be major news if some white guy from the West walked away with tens of thousands of dollars for playing a game that's been out for a month.

 You can watch the games for free while they're streaming live, and if you want to have access to the Video On Demand for later viewing, it costs about $20. Daily games, english commentary, and a very interesting tournament.

 August 15, 2010: Landmark article published

 I am pleased to announce that the long-awaited essay I've been talking about is finally ready for you to read! This five-part behemoth will serve as the central thesis of this whole website, and I believe an absolute must-read for any Metal Gear fan who has followed the series until now.

 Here is the link.

 Thanks for your patience, and enjoy!

 August 14, 2010: Best Metal Gear Essay Awards

 Are you the kind of person who enjoys Metal Gear games, as well as reading great, thoughtful essays on them? Do you find yourself titillated by the challenge of reading not one but two incredible essays side-by-side at the same time, as with the famous JunkerHQ analysis of MGS2's ending? Do you find it hard to discover such essays? Then this is for you!

Best Metal Gear Essay Awards

  Best Metal Gear Solid 1 Essay:
The award for best MGS1 essay must go to PopularSymbolism for their essay entitled "Genetic Bondage", wonderfully treating the topic of genetics and the themes of the game with weight and depth.

[Read it here!]

  Best Metal Gear Solid 2 Essay:
The award for best MGS2 essay... also goes to PopularSymbolism, but this time for the essay entitled "Information Control"! Guaranteed to be the most well-researched and highly knowledgeable treatment of MGS2's real-world inspirations and parallels. That's right: real-world military and technology inspirations.

[Read it here!]

 Congratulations to PopularSymbolism for winning both of these prestigious awards! With this Summer being slow for news, I'm sure they will be a welcome sight. And my apologies for waiting so long to feature these valuable writings.

 And for those who are still waiting for my major essay (which will still fail to match the scale of the above mentioned!), I assure you that I have been making good progress, but there is still much left to do. And yes that's a good thing!

 August 8, 2010: Fight of the Metal Gears demo! has released a new awesome demo for Metal Gear Solid: FIGHT OF THE METAL GEARS. Why is it awesome? Because it has cutscenes, voice acting, good graphics, and sneaking. And shooting. And riding on top of a an aeroplane! The full game will be available at this place, which seems to be some kind of fancy Sonic website.

 Play the demo, released by!

 August 7, 2010: Global StarCraft II League will be a $170,000 tournament

 Nothing remotely interesting is happening in the Metal Gear world, so here's some amazing StarCraft II news instead!

 Everyone knows that StarCraft: Brood War remains a huge national sport and big business in South Korea, but starting next month there will be a global, open StarCraft II tournament with a prize pool of approximately $170,000 USD! Think about the fact that the game hasn't even been released for a week, and that there are two more expansions already in the works, and it should be clear that this is an amazing day for videogames and Blizzard.

 This is a global tournament and will be viewable daily via GomTV's own live stream player, and may even be commentated in English. So far the announcement only seems to be in Korean, but I'm sure it will be making waves soon enough. GomTV is the only authorized broadcaster of Blizzard professional gaming, and has been doing this for years with StarCraft. Puts other games to shame if you ask me. [source]

 August 5, 2010: New computer, delays

 A little update here about my situation. I bought a new computer last weekened, but it gave me so many problems that I returned it and bought a new one, which will be coming in soon. That's why my awesome new article is going to be a little delayed.

 Sorry about that, chaps. You know how it is.

 July 29, 2010: StarCraft II

 It's out now, and I certainly will be playing it. You should too! You can add me as a friend by adding character name "Mediocrites" with character code "766".

 July 28, 2010: Modern Gear part 2

 You watched the previous one right? Well the second part is out, and it's also excellent. It's very rare to see a fan made video that doesn't rely on self-deprecation or breaking the fourth wall gags. I think they did justice to Old Snake and Liquid Ocelot, actually.

 July 26, 2010: Fan video, cosplayer update

 What kind of site would this be if we didn't promote this? Not a Metal Gear fansite, that's for sure. Apparently they're actually going to make new ones!

 And you know how I said that I've never seen a Raiden with bare legs? A site fan has notified me that such a creature exists. A creature terrifying to behold:

Ravi Singh isn't the only one who can make
humorous photoshops of Metal Gear news

 July 25, 2010: Comic Revival number two!

 I can hardly believe it myself, but another awesome Comic Revival has taken place! Truly we are fortunate! Read on!

 July 24, 2010: Kojima likes these costumes

 In an apparent bid to stifle the neverending parade of Naked Snake/Big Boss cosplayers who've been clogging up the psychotic Metal Gear cosplaying scene for years, Kojima has given both 1st and 2nd place prizes to these folks:

 See that broken-hearted Naked Snake in the background? Hmm, why don't I remember Raiden having bare legs before? In any case, it was good enough to catch Kojima's eye, so there you have it. [Source]

 Sitewise, a major landmark article is in the works right now, so look forward to that!

 July 18, 2010: The Unofficial Site is back

 Well fancy that, it looks like TUS has returned! Or at least some site that has the same domain name which is claiming to be TUS. The "real" TUS may never be seen again, may it Rest In Peace.

 Hey what the hell is my old article doing there? Oh that's right, the old admin not only sold the domain name, he also sold all of the content that was submitted to the site by other people! I never gave them permission to do that, and I didn't get a cut of the deal. Unfortunately I'm too lazy to get worked up about it. Go read it if you want to know some of my thoughts on MGS2 back in 2004!

 July 12, 2010: That's a lot of cigarettes

 The first Comic Revival has taken place. These are events, you know. Look at all the pretty colors!

 July 11, 2010: Mega64 ANALyzes the MGS series, and Comic Section Revival!

 Are you curious about what the words "Metal Gear Solid: Rising" REALLY refer to? Or "Solid Snake" for that matter? Mega64 wants to educate you. Learn something.

 Also, ever noticed that some of the comics in the Comics section are really terribly drawn? Actually about half of them? Well so did I, and I can't think of a single good reason why I couldn't update them -- so I'm going to!

 You have to understand that when I first made those comics, I was under the belief this site would only get about ten viewers and then die shortly afterwards, so I didn't exactly try my best (and I still don't) but since I make them for other people's enjoyment (sometimes,) I figured I should make them more presentable. Perhaps with color?? Don't hold me to that. But do look forward to the Comics Section Revival!

 July 8, 2010: Peace Walker Review

 The most recent installment in the Metal Gear series is out there for the world to see, and now it's time to find out whether Peace Walker is really worthy. Check out the review!

 Also, there's more downloadable content for Peace Walker today, such as pink camoflauge, a song, and different voices.

 July 7, 2010: Kojima: Next game will be MGS5 or an original one

 So Kojima has narrowed down the possibilities of his next, show-stoppingly amazing, "taboo" game to exactly two possibilities: it's either Metal Gear Solid 5, or an original one.

 Judging by how confident and happy he seems to be with the project, and how it wouldn't really be taboo for him to make Metal Gear Solid 5 (actually, maybe it would be at this point,) I'll assume it's original. I hope it's original.

 You really have to read the article. It's major.

 July 3, 2010: Peace Walker review in progress, TF2 comic

 So just in case you were wondering, I am making a Peace Walker review. It should be finished within a reasonable amount of time. Say... less than a week? Don't hold me to that, because I may choose to make it epic in length.

 Also, I assume you like awesome things, so I'm going to direct your attention to this knee-slapping hoot of a free, official, canon-story, fully-colored comic featuring the Engineer.

 June 30, 2010: Nutritious, delicious comic  

 The 25th comic in the La-Li-Lu-Le-LOL series is finally ripe for the picking! Enjoy!

 June 27, 2010: Rising sequel

 If you're hyped about Metal Gear Solid: Rising, then you will be glad to know that they're alluding to sequels already. This begs the question of when the sequel would be set, since Rising is supposed to cover the time between MGS2 and 4.

 Could we see a post-MGS4 Rising, or will they simply leave enough plot holes to make multiple games out of a prequel?

 June 20, 2010: Beauty, Beast and MGS4 article

 Just how much of a connection is there between the old fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast and Metal Gear Solid 4? That's exactly what this wonderful new article expounds. Come, sit and read the tale of a cynical storymaker's allegory!

 June 19, 2010: "The Real Metal Gear" Amazing article at Kotaku

 Do yourself a favor and read this.

 June 16, 2010: MGS 3DS the secret game, not the taboo game. Also, Rising is a prequel.

 Remember when Kojima tweeted about a "taboo" game in the works that could potentially end his career? Also, remember that "top-secret" game? He's confirmed that MGS 3DS is the secret one, and the next big project he's working on is the taboo one. Thank you, Anoop Gantayat!

 Also revealed is that Rising will be a prequel, between MGS2 and 4. This is highly disappointing, since it once again means that the Kojima Productions team is afraid to make a true sequel in the series, despite the fact that Kojima tried to perfectly set them up for it with MGS4.

 June 15, 2010: MGS3DS screens

 Kotaku has a couple of screenshots from the Metal Gear Solid 3DS, or whatever it's called. Don't know whether those are all in-game or whether they're renderings, but either way it basically looks like the PS2 version.

 The real question is what makes it special beyond a 3D gimmick, and that's something we don't know. Here's a trailer of some blonde girl's chest, with a sad little glimpse of the demo at the end.

 June 14, 2010: Rising trailer boasts mindless, gruesome ultraviolence

 The new Metal Gear Solid: Rising trailer has been revealed at E3, showcasing the ability to slice pretty much anything with a sword with extreme precision. Although I suspected the game would be full of violence and action, I would never have guessed that it would be so disgustingly over-the-top.

 Raiden Rising cut sword violence

 Come on guys, this is the Metal Gear series here. Of course, this is just a new-generation version of the kind of stuff that Cyborg Ninja did in MGS1 already, but to make a whole game revolving around it? Should make the people who hated the deeper themes of the previous games happy, I suppose.

 I would bet you'll be able to slaughter these guys with the PlayStation Move by the time it's released.

 June 12, 2010: Revamped KPN site almost as cool as this picture, plus exclusive coverage

Hideo Kojima cool guy The fancy new version of Kojima has finally made its debut, looking nearly as handsome as this seriously cool picture that Kojima uploaded to his Twitter. Similarities include a mostly white background with bold black writing in a simple font, as well as a KPN-related theme. Spooky coincidences — or is it some more of that infmaous "collaboration"?

As for content itself, make sure to download the Original MGS2 Game Plan from the main page, since somebody went through all the work of translating it!

Of course, all of this is overshadowed by this awesome coverage of the Peace Walker World Tour 2010 by none other than Metal Gear Solid: The Unofficial Site™. Manually copying the Twitter feed of the official Kojima Productions coverage, and then adding a watermark to the official images — how clever! Let's hope they maintain these excellent journalism standards with the upcoming E3 events.




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