Metal Gear Rising SUCKS: The Debriefing


With vengeful tool of justice in hand, the mysterious warrior “Solid Kenny” slices apart Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in this epic article, which exposes the artificial insides of the gaming community’s gory little cyborg darling.  It doesn’t get any more brutal than “Metal Gear Rising Sucks”.

Not only that, but brace yourself for an unthinkable TWO HOUR VIDEO dissection of the smash hit, with knowledgeable commentary, behind-the-scenes research, and endless razor-sharp arguments for anyone who dares to defend Rising as a worthy entry in the Metal Gear franchise!  If you’ve never cared about the game before, you will after this.

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Afghanistan opening cutscene CORRECTED

You watched the 30 minute gameplay demo, right?  Then you must have noticed something was off about the opening cutscene.  Yes, Kojima made some serious mistakes regarding the dialogue, and our friend Joshua Garrison has gone through the trouble of correcting that:

Let’s face it, it’s much better.

Watch the “Megatrailer” now, please

YouTube user and Metal Gear fan Joshua Garrison has created this truly intriguing and exciting “Megatrailer” for Metal Gear Solid V.  It’s not simply all the trailers played one-after-another, but a single continuous trailer that is strategically edited to connect the dots, along with his great written speculation overlaid on top of the video.

I’m impressed, and I hope you guys share this around because right now it only has a piddly 820 views, when it should have at least 12,000.

It includes a great theory on what’s happening during the hospital rescue scene, which really stood out to me as plausible.

MGSV video: “It’s just a box…” + map!

It’s good to see Kojima bring back cardboard boxes and give them a new twist (popping out of them to surprise and shoot enemies), and obviously we’re going to need all the hiding places we can get in these massive new areas, so this snippet of gameplay footage is cool.  Although it’s not the focus, we can see that the area features a horse, a mortar launcher, lots of grass patches, sandbag walls, a stone building that’s almost completely dark inside, and plenty more variety.  I suppose all the areas Big Boss will be infiltrating are going to be “battle ready”, which explains why they’ll have weapons, sandbag cover, enemies, and other conveniences for players to utilize, while also having many doorways and buildings boarded shut, which is also seen.  When I see the floodlights and power lines in the area, I imagine how the place will different look at night time, as well as the ability to follow the power lines from location to location.

Even more impressive is the scale of Afghanistan in The Phantom Pain, which is shown to scale compared to all the previous Metal Gear games.  Note that Portable Ops and Revengeance are not shown, indicating that they’re not part of the main series.  The map is gigantic, and I suggest you go here to see pictures and read about the translation of what Kojima is saying.  Apparently parts of the map will be sectioned off for each mission, and unlocked as you proceed further in the game, perhaps like Assassin’s Creed or Grand Theft Auto.  It’s still not clear what kind of format the game will use when it comes to picking missions and traveling from place to place, but judging by Ground Zeroes I’m going to assume that each mission starts you in a pre-set location and create arbitrary “game over” boundaries within a radius of your objective.  Who knows!

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