“MGSV: Parasitic Legacy” Video attempts to show the Sins of the Father

I won’t embed the video here since there is a special page for it over at the SnakeSoup.  It’s probably best to go there and see the introduction and follow-up material provided by Ravi Singh.  On this page I’ll give my impressions of the video and reply to its arguments.

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Konami finally makes it official, and Kojima does too!



Hideo Kojima is creating a new independent studio named “KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS” and has already made a deal with PlayStation for a “collaboration” on a new project.  This confirms reports from just a few hours ago, and means a new era of Kojima works are on the way.  We can assume that his old team is joining him, which means we should expect extremely high quality and solid development times; especially since Konami was pretty notorious for having an awful work environment for creators to begin with, and that is no longer a problem.

Of course, this is the best possible news in the wake of the Konami fiasco.  They are undoubtedly very jealous of this, and were acting out of spite against him until now — using all of their legal power to hold him down until the very last second.  I have to admit, I can still hardly believe how absurd they behaved, even for as cynical as I am.  Then again, I also never thought that his departure from Konami would be a bad thing, because — as we can clearly see today — he is perfectly fine without them.  In fact, he leveled up in the process, judging by that sweet beard.

Will the next title be anywhere near as fascinating as a new Metal Gear?  Not from a “meta” angle, I’m sure.  But I’m a fan of Kojima’s work in general, so I am very excited to see what he comes up with.  Personally, I hope he builds a new fictional universe that’s filled with social commentary and philosophy, and grounded in solid action/adventure genre that his team knows best, not some risky attempt to be a futurist.  Kojima might have so many pent up gimmicks in his brain that he won’t be able to resist making some PlayStation VR technology showcase requiring 3 peripherals to even experience properly.  (According to the new badass logo, he might want to pursue stuff you wear on your head.  That is supposed to be a robotic knight’s helmet right?)

Right now I’m focused on my book about Kojima and the Metal Gear series (although it also includes Snatcher, Policenauts, and spinoff games!) so if you want to truly appreciate his life and legacy until today, you have something amazing to look forward to still.  Not bad timing, I must say!  My deep interpretation of the series has only been reinforced by evidence over the years, and the book pushes everything to a new level.  I’m very excited to share it with you, as I stay tuned what comes next.

Let’s also have a moment of silence for the great, fun, and promising ruse theories, which spoke to so many people’s imaginations as well as their high regard for Kojima’s trickster legacy.  He was in a league of his own, and if there was ever a creator who could have somehow pulled a ruse on that scale it would have been him!  Since I no longer have any choice but to believe all of the negative reports and rumors in the past, I have to wonder even more what was truly behind the conflict and toxicity.  Maybe it will come out in the wash.

Solid Kenny presents “Seeing Things For What They Are: Rose Analysis”

Here’s something I’ve personally been anticipating for a long time.  Solid Kenny–who you may remember from his huge analysis of Metal Gear Rising –has made another video.  This one is narrated by ItsDragonBlade, and whether you’re a fan of MGS2 or a hater, it should give you a new appreciation of the Raiden-Rose relationship.  14 years after the game was released, it’s amazing that there’s still more to think about in the game.


Greatest game ever?

I could explain all the reasons why this gameplay demonstration makes me excited, but it really speaks for itself.  I can hardly believe it.  My only hope is that the game has plenty of areas besides Afghanistan, because I could keep doing this forever.

New MGSV gameplay demo is glorious

The new MGSV gameplay demo was revealed today, and I’m very impressed by what I’m seeing.  The link to the full definition video is here, and my quick thoughts on it are here:

  • Any one of the buddies you can take along with you would merit it’s own game, but when you combine them all as options, I can hardly believe how many ways you’ll be able to approach missions.
  • The robot is amazing, flat out.  The scanner system, ability to ride it, and drive it super fast and quietly, and everything else it demonstrated kicked ass and had a very valuable functionality in an huge-scale sneaking mission like MGSV has.
  • The need for translators is fantastic, logical, and serves as a perfect illustration of the theme of race and cultural divide, which is at the core of the story this time.
  • The loadout system looks very clean and functional.
  • The shields, helmets, and armor of enemies seem to actually be effective, which is essential to forcing players to think differently, not just double down on stupid.
  • The ability to steal shields and everything else is great, and will no doubt be balanced by the ability to customize your own weapon beyond anything the enemies will usually carry.  Solving the problem of too many guns being available by creating a great suite of customization options is just having your cake and eating it too.
  • The enemy dummies are a fantastic touch, and one that will legitimately screw up players who are too impulsive.
  • And my favorite thing of all, enemies really do learn and adapt to what you’ve been trying before.  This is among my personal, all-time, most wished for features of gaming, period.  The age-old fact that exploitative players love to abuse the predictability of enemies, patterns, and situations in games needs to be met with an equally robust solution of adapting enemies and dynamic challenges.  This immediately turns an otherwise boring and routine cycle into a tempting challenge of cat-and-mouse.

Watch the video directly (without IGN’s website and advertisements) by clicking here.  *(Thanks to this guy’s Twitter post for finding out that trick.)

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