If you’ve listened to Podcast #8 you know that I’ve got a few different projects in the slow-cooker — including game reviews, part 6 of MGS2: A Complete Breakdown, a new series of commentaries on the state of gaming, and possibly video content — and now I’ve added something else to the mix: game creation.

Using the free game creation engine Unity4, I’ve started learning programming and game creation.  I’ve already learned some coding through web design, Flash animation, and old Blizzard map editors, but this time I’ll be learning JavaScript.  This is not just a hobby or a distraction (although it could become both of those,) but a very practical form of research, getting my hands dirty with the nuts and bolts of game creation so that I can get better insight into the process, complications, and political reality of making something that does or doesn’t suck.  After one night, it’s already taught me a lot.

My game creation goal is to create a game shell (start menu, option interface, etc.) and a single activity, and hopefully not make it terrible.

Ongoing site security concerns

Hey everyone.  Yeah, embarrassing as it is to say, I’m still dealing with some security issues with my site. I have been randomly logged out of my own dashboard (leaving me unable to post) because my password was changed!  I’ve tried a few things to bump up the security today, I’m dealing with tech support, etc. so hopefully it will be smooth sailing in the coming days.  If I’m locked outside my site again, you can always look for updates on my Twitter, though.

Podcast #8: It’s Not Over Yet!

What the heck, we’re back!  And it wouldn’t be fair to keep y’all in the dark, so here you go!  In this podcast I simply explain what happened with the site, and what I’ve got in the works right now.  It’s a straightforward update for those who want to fill in the blanks and know what to look forward to!

Click here to listen to Podcast #8: It’s Not Over Yet! (mp3 file, 15:08 long)

Now that I’ve finally put up Part 5 of the MGS2 review, I plan on taking a short break from the series before diving into Part 6.  In the meantime, I want to do some more reviews of games, although not as lengthy as the XCOM: Enemy Unknown review.

I’ll probably review Retro City Rampage and Path of Exile (once I’ve played the full version), but that’s not all!  I also plan on adding a rating to things I’ve already examined such as Intrusion 2, Brink, and The Last of Us.  Now granted, I haven’t personally played those last two games, and one of them isn’t even released yet, but I feel comfortable judging them anyway, because it’s fun and I trust that my cautious deductions are good enough.  Not only that, but my superpower of insight allow me to simulate the entire game in my head from just a handful of screenshots or a single promotional trailer.  Don’t believe me?  I looked up your Facebook pictures and am judging YOU right now.  I give you a +2.  Keep up the good work.

The -/+ Rating System Explained

If you’ve seen my recent review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you’ve seen this rating system already.  This is an explanation for how it was designed, split into right (positive) and left (negative) sides.  The decision to account for “outside factors” is very important to me for rather philosophical reasons:

Continue reading

So… this X-COM game needs to be deconstructed

Sorry to make you stare at that “Online education is doomed” post for the last few days, but I’ve been burning through X-COM: Enemy Unknown, which I am now finished.  The fact that I finished it may or may not be a good thing (I would have gladly accepted getting helplessly lost in a web of ever-multiplying strategic decisions, never to emerge).  The important part is that I’m now fully qualified to judge the game to the fullest — which is exactly what I intend to do.

I know that I should probably just finish Part 5 of the MGS2: A Complete Breakdown already, since it’s getting so close to completion, but the sooner the better with cases like this.  It’ll be great though, so don’t worry.

So how’s it going?

I’ve been busy, not just trying to rewrite Part 5 of Metal Gear Solid 2: A Complete Breakdown, but having fun too.  It’s been a beautiful summer, and I’m trying to make full use of it, with new hobbies and crap.  And when I’m not doing that, I’m still enjoying the ever-improving Path of Exile, as well as the DLC for Battlefield 3, the strange additions to Team Fortress 2, as well as practicing my fiction writing and my artwork.

Working on a complicated article like the Breakdown can be extremely easy at some times, and extremely slow at others, because there are just certain formatting roadblocks and whatever, but it’s okay.  I’ll finish it yet and it’ll be cool!

Proudly presenting: Metal Gear Cliff Notes PART I

(Warning: Contains language and blood.)

A long, long time ago, SnakeSoup administrator Ravi Singh approached me for collaborating on an epic Metal Gear flash animation revolving around the very first game in the series, which most Metal Gear fans don’t even realize exists.  I agreed. Continue reading

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