Ground Zeroes writings will be coming

I guess I should mention, I bought Ground Zeroes for the PS3 and I’ll be writing about it in a few days once I’m confident that I’ve seen everything I need to.  I’ve beaten the main story and the Side Ops, but haven’t unlocked what I assume is the “Deja Vu” mission.  I’ve listened to most of the audio logs, too.

I haven’t synchronized the companion app, or tested nearly everything I want to though.

What next and what’s interesting?

Ground Zeroes is just around the corner and I need to decide what to do about that!  I want to get a PS4 and buy it on there, but they are still sold out everywhere around where I live, and Amazon hasn’t emailed me about new shipments yet.  So who knows when I can do that.

I do plan on reviewing GZ in some way, or at least analyzing what it represents in the series, so as I wait for getting a PS4 I’ll guess have to do something else, huh?

What I’m currently fascinated by are EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark, a very interesting MMO (and creation tool spinoff) that’s being developed.  I hate MMOs in general and I never cared at all about EverQuest, so that should tell you that it must be pretty special.  They seem to be doing some extremely creative and interesting things with the series, and I suggest you start watching the video below:

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Site News: MR. WOLFE’S META GEAR is the name, and the URL is the same

I created META GEAR on December 25th, 2008.  Today I change the name.

The original name was chosen to help people remember the URL.  Aside from being one of the only URL variations of “Metal Gear Solid” that wasn’t already registered, it spoke to the nature of my analysis and got some positive feedback.  Other names I considered were embarrassingly stupid in hindsight, and I think it was the right move to make the name the same as the address.  But it’s been five years, and I think it’s time to give people a better shorthand.

MR. WOLFE’S META GEAR” may not roll off the tongue, but I don’t expect people to use it in full anyway.  It can easily be divided into two parts that work better depending on what you want to refer to: refer to the website itself as “Meta Gear”, and myself as “Mr. Wolfe”.  The address will stay the same, and if I come up with something I think is better for the title, I’ll just go ahead and change it again.  I’m not running a company brand with merchandise or anything, so it doesn’t affect things anyway.

I also added links on the CLASSIC SITE page to the “Old News” sections that I used back before all this fancy CSS and blog engines and whatnot.  Thanks to all the readers I’ve gained over the years, and please keep spreading the word if you like what you find.

Bioshock: Infinite Review-In-Progress

Thanks to a very kind reader of the site, I’ve been gifted a copy of Bioshock: Infinite on Steam to review!  But instead of a regular review, I decided to take notes and give my impressions as I go using my Twitter feed.  If you’d like to see my impressions and thoughts, please follow me on Twitter.  (Or you can look up hashtag #BIR which stands for “Bioshock: Infinite Review”.)

Afterwards, I’ll condense, sort through, and flesh out these thoughts in a final review on the site!  It’s not a “Let’s Play” with commentary, but I think it’s better, because I hate talking while I play anyway and want to give more insightful comments than I would when I’m half-distracted and trying to be entertaining.

Did VGX read my The Last of Us review and change their mind about it?


This happened the day before the VGX awards… Coincidence?  Hinting?  Or consequence?

I changed history folks.  That’s one less “Game of the Year” accolade to slap on the back of The Last of Us box, and one less pillar to uphold the neofeminist crusade.  We all know that VGX awards are the highest authority, after all… Ha ha.

VGX gave The Last of Us three awards. (Best Voice Actor, Best Voice Actress, and Best PlayStation Game.)  That’s only one award short of my prediction, which means if they had given it “Game of the Year”, my prediction would have been correct!  Spooky.

(For those who weren’t paying attention, Grand Theft Auto V won their “Game of the Year” award, which fake intellectuals and insecure liberals are trying to condemn, despite being a crowning achievement of production, game design, and yes, even writing this generation.  I may have to explain why in a separate post some time.)

Site update: What’s on the way

With MGS2: A Complete Breakdown finally done and The Last of Us review finished, I’m letting myself work on other projects for a while.  This includes designing my own tabletop board game, which I’m pretty absorbed by.  The next few months are going to give us plenty of news, developments, and scandals to comment on, so I don’t want to burn myself out.

Besides that, I plan on improving my The Last of Us review, because I don’t feel like it was constructed as well as it should have been (although my opinion has not changed), and with the exciting official release of Path of Exile coming up in just a few days, I really want to do a proper review of that!  Spoilers: it will be positive!

As for proper Metal Gear analysis, I started writing a new entry in the MGS4: Sold Out series.  No promises as to when it will be finished, though.

(For those who want to know more about the board game, I’m creating a game design blog for it which I’ll post a link to on my Twitter, along with updates on how it’s going.  Your questions and feedback are welcome, so stay tuned.)

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