Brink nominated for “Most Disappointing Game of 2011”

There was a time when Brink seriously tried to tout itself as “The End of the Genre As We Know it”.  Now GameTrailers has nominated it as a contender for “Most Disappointing Game of 2011”.  That’s hard-earned recognition, I’d say.  All of that silly marketing backfired, and don’t mind saying I’ll kick it while it’s down.  Kudos to Gametrailers for admitting that it fell for the stupid hype.

Here’s the piece I wrote on it:


And a shout out to my homie this guy, he knows what I’m talkin ’bout.

Saints Row: The Third review

You can watch Gametrailers put Saints Row: The Third in its place here.

Gametrailers deserves kudos for being willing to put this game in its place, rather than struggling to defend it like Rupert Murdoch’s IGN, who predictably managed to give it an “Editor’s Choice” award, simply for pushing the agenda to discredit games as an intelligent artistic medium forward.

If you haven’t read my own thoughts on Saints Row: The Third, check them out.

“So I Guess I’m Old Now”: Battlefield 3 Impressions

Battlefield 3 now officially holds the honor of being the first videogame/piece of culture to make me feel old.  It’s not because I don’t have the mental energy or reflexes to be competitive with today’s 13-year-olds; nor is it due to the astounding evolution of the series from those days of yore when I first enjoyed crashing my Corsair into low-polycount Nazis soldiers. Continue reading

Blizzard stuff

For some reason I didn’t get a lot of positive feedback on my cool Frampt fan art.  What is wrong with you people!

Blizzard is going to be giving Diablo III away to those who have an annual subscription to World of Warcraft.  They’re also making a new, “Oh shit we screwed up” expansion to WoW in order to recover from the poor impact of Cataclysm.  There’s also a new trailer showing off the “monk” class, and the new Panda race, which looks the same as every World of Warcraft trailer: only good if you forget what the actual game is like.  I’m not going to link to it, because who cares.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm has a trailer showing off the new units and campaign.  I was planning on getting all the expansions, but thanks to the Activision Effect™, I no longer care at all.  It will have to really win me over and prove itself before I put down the money.

Skullgirls fight #2

Yes, I am going to continue promoting this game and suggesting that you watch the fights at 720p resolution, full screen.  It’s not running at 60 FPS but it’s still glorious.

This is a fight with Peacock and Parasoul versus Filia.  It’s a 2-on-1 fight, and although neither of the fighters seem to be particularly skilled, I still love watching it.

Here’s the official website, by the way — I’m sure they’d appreciate a visit.

What was I smoking when I came up with this?

So I guess I was thinking about all the things that are severely lacking in videogames today, like protagonists who aren’t “cool”, strong themes about being a parent, anything set in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, and multi-layered strategy games like X-COM.

What I ended up coming up with was this.  It’s an idea I had for an X-COM -type game in which you hunt down and intercept your own wife, who turned out to be an deep undercover Russian agent whose mission was to steal your greatest creation: a floppy disk with a computer program that will change the world.

Set in 1990, the game would feature a world map called “Hunt Mode” in which you expand your network of nerd friends, exploit the resources of government agencies, and evade capture while Continue reading


I simply have to promote this game.

Watch it full-screen to get a real sense of what it’s like.

This is easily the most beautiful fighting game I’ve ever seen, with character art by the one and only Alex Ahad, and with lead designer Mike Z, famous tournament fighter turned designer-programmer.  This is a dream team, and the progress they’ve made is mouthwatering to say the least.

The game will be released this year over the PSN Store [edit: and XBLA], which means its going to be affordable, and I insist that you check it out.  This game is built on love, passion, talent and style, and I believe every game should strive to reach this quality.  High-definition sprites that are hand created, with thousands upon thousands of frames of animation; dynamic lighting systems on top of that; actual good character designs with charming stories, unlike shitty BlazBlue/Guilty Gear.  This is how games should be made, and it definitely needs to see support.

The game has tag-mechanics, but as you can see from the video above it also features 1v1, 1v2, and 1v3, with the strengths being distributed accordingly to keep it balanced.  I can’t wait for this to come out and I sincerely hope it gets bathed in money, because I want more!

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