Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

[Updated again: Kojima says the game is a “spinoff”, an “interpretation”, and a “parallel” universe in this interview.  Considering that he’s the final authority on the subject, I guess my initial review was correct after all (I knew he’d said that somewhere before!)  Either way, I’ll leave the review as it is, and you can see my take on the game no matter what they decide in the future.
Thanks to
JMG519 for having my back with the link — go watch his videos!]

Revengeance Review

Bottom Line: Platinum Games does their best with a failed experiment.

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Woe is Gaming! Sharing Isn’t Caring

(This was originally published on Feb 23, 2013.  Do you think it’s being proven correct already?)

With the revelation that the PlayStation 4 will be equipped to easily “Share” your gaming experiences with friends, I wonder whether we can expect to see a shift in game design similar to the one that accompanied the introduction of “achievements”.

PS4 Share button

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Next-Gen Hopes

I’ve decided to compile my greatest hopes for the upcoming console war in a handy list.  It may be strangely specific in nature, but these are my hopes, so what do you expect?  Allow me to dream!  Each of my hopes includes a “best case scenario”, for that perfect storm setup…


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Woe Is Gaming! Wildman Kickstarter


I’ve wanted to comment on Chris Taylor’s Wildman Kickstarter ever since it first appeared.  The sale of Gas Powered Games and the suffering of Wildman was fun to watch for the same reason I cheered the bankruptcy of THQ: they didn’t know what the hell they were doing and needed a wake-up call.  I’m beyond tired of game developers operating in a vacuum, making ridiculous assumptions about “what gamers want” and creating their own narrow-minded formulas for success.

In a way, Kickstarter is a much-needed dose of reality in the game industry, and I wish every major game had to survive some kind of crowd funding test before it could enter production.  We might have been spared derivative garbage like Homefront and Saints Row, since they would’ve relied on actual interest rather than cynical multimillion dollar ad campaigns revolving around dildos.  Think of how many billions are wasted in marketing instead of being spent on development — it’s impossible to sympathize.  Gas Powered Games is privately owned, of course, but that also means Chris Taylor alone is to blame for its underwhelming pitch.  Get out of the vacuum, sir.  We live in the Internet age, where millions of passionate players struggle to be heard by the industry, and although it may not seem coherent or constructive, Kickstarter encourages you to start small, listen carefully, and build on success… if you can humble yourself.

The Wildman pitch video was a raw, unblinking look into the hubris of a developer’s mind, telling us practically nothing but asking for over a million dollars in return.  That’s how they think.  And now he tries to say Kickstarter is the real problem.

Really?  Is that why Star Citizen has raised nearly $8 million using the exact same model?


This is part of the Woe is Gaming! series, which analyzes events and topics in order to heighten the discussion of the business, design, and culture of the gaming phenomenon

Podcast #8: It’s Not Over Yet!

What the heck, we’re back!  And it wouldn’t be fair to keep y’all in the dark, so here you go!  In this podcast I simply explain what happened with the site, and what I’ve got in the works right now.  It’s a straightforward update for those who want to fill in the blanks and know what to look forward to!

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The Phantom Pain’s Phantom Appeal

It’s what you DON’T see that makes it fascinating.  Negative space.  The words “METAL GEAR SOLID V” literally cut out of the title, instead of being shown front and center.  It’s brilliant, intriguing, and (hopefully) reflects a deeper theme within the game — of letting our imaginations go wild, for better or worse.

Is The Phantom Pain really Metal Gear Solid 5?  Or is that what we’re supposed to trick ourselves into thinking?

The Phantom Pain

Remember when Kojima talked about a “taboo” project that could potentially force him to leave the industry — the project which was eventually revealed to be the “devil” project?

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Part V (MGS2: A Complete Breakdown)


[Updated Nov 1/2012: GameTrailers today declared that Metal Gear Solid 2‘s ending was the third worst in game history!  A special note has been added to the end of the article.]

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