Woe is Gaming! Innovation & Ignorance

When Satoru Iwata cautions investors that it’s becoming harder to impress players due to the plateauing effect of innovation, a part of my brain collapses.  When he tells the world that games have been “improving steadily each year, but these improvements are becoming less noticeable”, gravity flips and I hit my head on the ceiling.  Do you see the dark, ominous clouds on the horizon?  It is the storm of doom that will hit gaming this “console cycle”.

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The Xbox and The Spin

Two things caught my interest today: one is the “Pros and Cons of an Always-Online Xbox 720” article on IGN.com for its blatant spin job there, and the other is Marcus Beer’s sudden hypocritical disinterest in next-gen console speculation, which is tucked into the most recent Annoyed Gamer (around the 6:20 mark).

(Be warned, this is going to be a pretty epic rant.)

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Declaration of War: Sexism And Why We Need Vigilante Justice

< Sept 18: This is an old post that seemed relevant to me again. Enjoy. >

Declaration of War

This may or may not be a satire.

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

[Updated again: Kojima says the game is a “spinoff”, an “interpretation”, and a “parallel” universe in this interview.  Considering that he’s the final authority on the subject, I guess my initial review was correct after all (I knew he’d said that somewhere before!)  Either way, I’ll leave the review as it is, and you can see my take on the game no matter what they decide in the future.
Thanks to
JMG519 for having my back with the link — go watch his videos!]

Revengeance Review

Bottom Line: Platinum Games does their best with a failed experiment.

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Woe is Gaming! Sharing Isn’t Caring

(This was originally published on Feb 23, 2013.  Do you think it’s being proven correct already?)

With the revelation that the PlayStation 4 will be equipped to easily “Share” your gaming experiences with friends, I wonder whether we can expect to see a shift in game design similar to the one that accompanied the introduction of “achievements”.

PS4 Share button

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Next-Gen Hopes

I’ve decided to compile my greatest hopes for the upcoming console war in a handy list.  It may be strangely specific in nature, but these are my hopes, so what do you expect?  Allow me to dream!  Each of my hopes includes a “best case scenario”, for that perfect storm setup…


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