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What’s META GEAR SOLID.org about?

Although this is mostly a Metal Gear fansite, it’s not about trying to be the ultimate fan resource; it’s not a trusted news source either.  It’s a place for saying what needs to be said, whether good or bad, about the series.  In the few years that META has been around (yes, you can call it “META” for short) I’ve produced hundreds of original articles, packed with analysis and fresh content.  Flash animations, comic strips, podcasts — we’ve got all that.

At heart, META is about taking a fresh look at the series from an intelligent, critical point of view.  Kojima has struggled with the series over the years, and I believe there’s a lot of “meta-commentary” in his games because of this.  Agree or disagree, I hope you’ll find it interesting.

Right now it’s a blog format, and the old content is slowly being transferred over and updated. Feel free to use the pages, categories and other links in order to find all the great stuff we have to offer.

 Solid Snake choke hold

Is this place related to MetalGearSolid.org: The Unofficial Site?

Not at all. The name is similar, but it’s a totally different site. You can tell it’s not TUS because we actually feature original content and regular updates. (zing!)


I’ve got complaints/praise about all this! Also, when are you going to have a forum?

Send me an email (metagearsolid@gmail.com), or more likely, you’ll be interested in the Twitter account, where I regularly respond to people and interact with folks.

I don’t want to have my own forum because I don’t want people who come to my site to be preoccupied with off-topic nonsense, drama, their own reputation in the community, and so on.  However, I’m looking into partnering with a sanctioned, semi-official forum run by somebody else.

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