A funny thing happened with my Twitter account…

See that? That’s my current page for Notifications on Twitter. I get an error message on my phone and my desktop. The very helpful “Something went wrong” error message really communicates the truth of the matter, huh?

Unfortunately it’s not so random.

Below is a screenshot of a public poll I made in reply to rabid neoconservative operative Bill Kristol. My poll asked if the public thought he and the neocon globalists he advocates for deserved to go to jail. Option one was “Yes” and option two was “No (worse than jail)” as the thought of roaming free and living with the guilt of what they’ve done — as populism defeats their political agenda — might be even worse than that.

As you can see from Kristol’s poll, his hope of discrediting President Trump backfired in his face, as tens of thousands of people came to the President’s defense in the last few hours of his poll, shifting the numbers in favor of “Yes”. This means most people believed he has been upholding his oaths.

Naturally, it makes sense for Bill Kristol to have deleted his poll after being slapped down by public opinion. This means that any replies to it may be effected, I suppose. But what doesn’t make sense is the image at the top of this post, which prevents me from seeing my own notifications. What could possibly explain that? Not only that, but I am being prevented from uploading any images to my account!

This means I can’t even show people on Twitter the error page I get when I try to check my notifications. Very suspicious, don’t you agree? You’d think Twitter would have ironed out these kinds of random unrelated errors over the years, but suddenly I’ve gotten a taste of how silly it can be! It’s a shame, because I’ve never had such a popular Tweet before. It was really going viral and still had more than a day left! Who knows how many votes it would have gotten…


Check out this screenshot. I’ll explain what’s crazy about it.

Since I was still allowed to Tweet text (although not see my notifications or upload images) I decided to raise awareness of the suspicious errors I was getting! Then I started to write this post to show everyone what I was dealing with. That took a few minutes.

After writing the article I discovered that my complaint apparently led to somebody at Twitter re-activating my Notifications feature, because I can now look at them! Great news, right? If we didn’t know how they operated already, it would almost seem like they weren’t shutting down my account in real time to do damage control on behalf of Bill Kristol due to his embarrassment. What’s really strange, however, is that my poll was converted into a regular post with no poll feature! This is highly unusual, don’t you think? It also turns out that Bill Kristol apparently hasn’t deleted his tweet, which means that it’s not even an explanation for why my notifications were shut down! This really takes the cake.

Here’s the final kicker: for some bizarre reason, his poll is gone as well but only in that version of the tweet (not sure how you do that!) but still exists as a finished poll if I scroll down through my replies and retweets! Below is a look at where it ended up:

Clearly Twitter is protecting their neocon friends. But since they’re under heavy scrutiny for censoring everyone who doesn’t align with them politically, it looks like they’ve got some strange nimble activity trying to hide the massive public opinion that Bill Kristol should go to jail. And that’s not my opinion, it’s what the public thinks!

I wonder if they’ll ever restore my poll, or if they’ll just make it disappear until the timer runs out and delete the numbers (which were massively in favor of him going to jail).

Oh, while I’m here I should also mention this, which you might find even more bewildering…

This is an almost exact copy of the Bill Kristol poll except it notifies Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account. Notice anything strange about it?

Take a close look at the poll. There are less than 100 votes (72 at the time of taking the screenshot) and as you can see, I clearly voted “Yes”. It even has a checkmark next to it. But for some reason it says there is 100% “No” as the responses. This is how terrified Twitter is of people openly supporting Donald Trump, apparently. I only wish that I could have screenshot the real illegal partisan activity that happened, but I can describe it perfectly well: when I first voted on the poll, the ratio was actually 10 to 90 in favor of “No”, not 100%! There were something like 10 people who had voted “Yes” and the poll was only a few minutes old. When I refreshed the browser page, THAT’S when all of the Yes votes disappeared completely in front of my very eyes, and the vote count was changed to 72! My vote was still registered as “Yes”, as you can see, but Twitter is ignoring it in the result.

This is voting fraud, literally. It’s not an election, but it is a vote, and Twitter has been caught rigging the vote against conservatives, plain as day. And now I have personally experienced and witnessed how they do it, bit by bit.

Update #2

Oh, speak of the Devil! A few more minutes go by and suddenly my own poll was re-activated by the kindness of the Twitter overlords! What a funny platform they have.

I can only wonder what kind of abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, fraud, deception, political pressure, and covert action they will take against me and everyone else going forward who doesn’t dance to their globalist, hateful, discriminatory, partisan tune!

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