The Master Plan B: Imploding Reality

The Controlled Apocalypse

If Clown World is an attempt to expose “insanity” — which we could also call “unacceptable narratives” — about our world, then we are still left with the question of where everything is actually headed. What is the real story?

This is not a satirical video. It is a real explanation of how the Bubonic Plague is being spread in Los Angeles, California, in the year 2019. The video was created by Tim Pool, a self-described centrist journalist. In the video he explains that leftist-controlled cities in America are being allowed to rot and fester at alarming speed. The elite class of citizens who rule those areas are too lazy and greedy to fix things, he says. This is shocking to him, and an example of how irresponsible rich people are. This is extreme ignorance of how population control works.

I believe the real story of today is a frightening “Plan B” scenario that is playing out in the cracks of our awareness while the Clown World keeps us distracted — just like a good circus ought to! Here’s another article discussing how the spread of disease, outbreak, and city planning is working together to engineer a contagious disaster.

What is “Plan B” itself? The total collapse of normality, followed by a greater collapse of daily life into chaos, death, and panic. The narratives they tried to push are no longer viable, and this means reality itself must be sacrificed. There will be no return to the glory days. If they cannot win, they will take down society with them. They have been prepared to rebuild from the rubble of a destroyed society for many decades already.

Although it is hardly shocking in today’s Clown World, this documentary was created in 2007 specifically exposing many classified plans to trigger the apocalyptic patterns in the event of failure by the global elites to maintain control over populations.

Alex Jones may have questionable allegiances, but this forecast is still powerful

Amazingly, some of the biggest weapons in the arsenal of the social engineers have been neutralized due to new prevailing narratives and unprecedented actions by President Trump and a handful of patriotic insiders acting from deep in private sectors and government bureaucracy. For example, race relations have actually improved in spite of the attempt to provoke absolute hysteria and race wars — the narrative has instead shifted to expose interest groups trying to race bait. Political attacks and terrorism have been negligible in spite of false flag events and government massacres such as the Las Vegas mass shooting — the narrative has instead shifted to expose psyops, hoaxes, and coverups quickly and effectively. Economic collapse — long thought to be the most reliable downfall mechanism for global elites — has actually stalled out and broken down. The powerful trade wars and aggressive leadership of Donald Trump has reversed the cynicism about the economy and revived confidence. Dozens of high-profile attempts to tank the economy have failed. It will certainly be collapsed in the future at some point, but it seems to be held off for now.

Nuclear attack has effectively been taken off the table due to President Trump’s aggression as well. Bridging relations with North Korea (largely by standing up to China and becoming a shield for North Korea instead of an enemy) and holding back the neoconservative war machine from starting wars with Iran and Russia have stabilized things.

But there are still important areas of danger:

Race war
Civil war
Economic collapse
Nuclear attack
• Biological pandemics
• Hyper-surveillance state
• Digital terrorism
• Weather wars
• Sexual disintegration

Just Kidding, This Is Discredited Fiction

Despite seeing with our own eyes the tens of thousands of people invading the border on a weekly basis and being shipped into the country with money and food, and despite the Bubonic Plague being engineered in modern cities, and despite the torching of the Notre Dame Cathedral, it’s ridiculous to suggest that there is any kind of conspiracy happening today. Tornadoes and floods are higher than ever in history, and this is because of global warming that 100% of scientists agree about. Government mandated injections are always healthy. After all, conspiracies and engineered collapses are the stuff we’ve read about in books, or seen in movies and video games!

You see, although we obviously live inside manufactured stories created by others, any story somebody tells you about a conspiracy is discredited because it is known to be a type of popular fiction motif. Countless fictional stories have been written about “dystopian society” and how it could work. Rogue agencies, destabilizing campaigns, political agitation, assassination, and other spooky stories are impossible because we have a safe little box we can put them in called “fiction”.

I believe we may need a new term such as “Narrative Polarization Effect” for what is happening right now. We can look at the absurd reality presented to us and comfortably call it “Clown World”, but we cannot look at the real events and patterns around us and identify it as an engineered subversion campaign because that is too ridiculous. We cannot continue to accept the narrative as it falls apart, but we still automatically reject the “crazy” alternative. Polarity has reversed: we are now trapped in the escape hatch, because both sides seem equally implausible.

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