Cultural Marxism Spotlight: Fascism Edition

The Features of Fascism

This particular slide from Matt Lees is perhaps the most weighty argument he puts forth, although he spends no time explaining it. We’re supposed to look at the “features of fascism” and do some quick association with how liberals like to stereotype conservatives, and then agree that #GamerGate was a fascist movement.

Putting aside that Matt doesn’t even know how to write Umberto Eco’s name correctly, we might point out that the man himself is a postmodernist fiction author known for being a fraud intellectual. He is criticized for writing “superficially ‘intellectual’ books that… convince a great number of people they are reading something with a certain cachet. This is a loathsome confidence trick.” His explosive fame made it fashionable among idiotic snobs of the literature world to buy his books and praise them, but they are famous for not actually being read or enjoyed. Much less respected are his political views. He’s a lackluster professor of semiotics (interpreted signs and symbols) and a rather brazen proponent of Critical Theory, which seeks to inject profound controversial meanings into things created for entirely other purposes. He was a pioneer in the fine art of ignoring author intentions when criticizing work, which allows him (and his Frankfurt School buddies) to interpret everything in Western society as a symbol of oppression or pathology. In short, he’s the last person you’d want to lecture you about something as serious and strictly defined as fascism.

Nevertheless, let’s go through the common features of fascism according to Umberto Eco and see how they apply to Cultural Marxists today:

  1. “Rejection of Modernism.” This is interesting because it counts as a paradox. The radical left embraces “postmodernism” as a rule, meaning that they all reject modernism themselves. But even more ironic is that modernism is normally defined by as a conscious breaks from tradition. We’ve been indulging the Baby Boomer notions of progress and  postmodernism for over 50 years already, making it an old and established tradition. For today’s youth to reject postmodernism and embrace a rediscovery of conservatism is the very pinnacle of accepting modernism!
  2. “Erosion of Language & Meaning.” Who is more guilty of this than the Cultural Marxists? Progress, racism, liberalism, and fascism have all been redefined by their academics and experts, along with words like aggression, rape, gender, and a slew of others. Libertarian conservatives are one of the only groups who still respect traditional definitions of words and refuse to erode the English language and change the meanings of things. They are the masters of buzzwords.
  3. “Obsession with Plots.” Didn’t we just see Matt Lees spout a conspiracy theory about how Breitbart News hijacked #GamerGate in order to recruit young men into the “Alt Right” years before the Alt Right even existed and before Donald Trump even announced his presidential campaign? Who is obsessed with secret plots here?
  4. “Cult of Tradition.” Have you ever seen the people who support #GamerGate? They come from all walks of life, but the most vocal ones are meme-loving anime fans who hate the old monolithic Christian family values. Guys like me who see the bigger picture and push the issue are in the minority. It’s only the incessant whining of the Cultural Marxists that pushes these people towards traditional values, as if out of spite. By default they want unrestricted internet freedoms, pirating TV shows and video games illegally, watching porn, and enjoying the very escapism that Matt Lees suggests gaming is good for. If you left them alone this is all they would do. They aren’t fans of tradition, and thanks to the pervasive Baby Boomer culture we live in they’re so unfamiliar with it that they see the renaissance of masculinity and conservative values as some kind of new invention, not an old one!
  5. “Machismo.” See the above point. There is undoubtedly a steady burgeoning of masculinity in the revival of conservatism, but the main thrust of #GamerGate was libertarian advocacy, totally removed from a broader culture of aggressive male pride. Most #GamerGate proponents (especially youth) are still uncomfortable with male pride and only want to be left alone by the harassing Cultural Marxist invaders.

The last three points are too boring to even indulge. Irrationality, fear of difference, and whatever ‘endless conflict’ means are buzzwords designed to paint their enemies as evil because they aren’t going “the way the wind is blowing”, as Matt said.


Marching Orders

The warning signs have been around for years, but we’ve officially crossed over into bizarro land these days. I made this as a little joke about it:

Can you spot ALL of the ironic hypocrisies?

Having established that gamers are evil and in need of a re-education gulag, Matt Lees proceeds to criticize game developers for refusing to be moral absolutists who preach ideology in their games. This is something a traditional liberal would have violently opposed, but now it’s fashionable for the Left to be preachy and dogmatic about everything instead of tolerant and indulgent. At the same time, he dislikes that there is “grey morality” in games.

This is such useful advice. Judging by this, games should be audaciously outspoken, nuanced in their treatment of subjects, not at all black and white, and yet… not gray or willing to make comparisons between one extreme and another. No moderate or cynically detached views allowed. An intricate but one-sided diatribe, then? What a generous scope of subjects that allows for! Perhaps we should all want something as sophisticated as FarCry 5, which is cited as a potentially great game because it promises to give us a straightforward rampage of murdering white Christian extremists! But he’s careful to withhold praise until he knows for sure that the game doesn’t make any sort of apologetic for them. Wouldn’t want to ruin the Alt Left power fantasy of massacring irredeemable white evangelicals! Matt points out that too many publishers get away with only paying “lipservice” to progress, without truly committing to the ideology! The developers haven’t truly been a good doggy until they obey all the commands of the politburo; only then will they get their treat. Remember what I said about thin ice and conditional promotion? You have your marching orders!



As Matt works towards his conclusions, he reminds us that angry, disenfranchised, loser males (ie. consumers rights advocates who hold journalists and publishers to high standards) need to be policed by culture or they’ll turn into riotous mobs. Does he realize that the Left’s domestic terrorist movement called “Antifa” (ironically short for “Anti-Fascist”) is literally forming angry mobs and burning down things they don’t like across America at the moment? Does he realize that he’s on the losing side, the ones being disenfranchised as the silent majority finally rejects postmodern neoliberal rhetoric? Is this why he’s so afraid of the way gaming has galvanized the community?

He forecasts a “much larger” disenfranchisement, presumably as Cultural Marxists gain more and more influence and attack conservative traditions from positions of power because they are obediently going “the way the wind is blowing” like good boys and girls. He foresees a massive loss of jobs as “automation” takes over and further erodes the working and middle classes. As always, I find it priceless to hear this kind of rhetoric coming from a wide-eyed kid who doesn’t work for a living and gives presentations online instead. Automation? When was the last time you heard anyone seriously use that word? It’s well known that the old automation pipe dream was scrapped in favor of just importing illegal immigrants to work for cheap and outsourcing everything else to oversees slave labor camps. There may be disenfranchisement, but at least open up your eyes enough to see why. The fact that he fails to recognize these economic trends or connect them with the legitimate populist support for Donald Trump and his “America First” ideology is baffling. Instead, he calls it “fascism” to take legal and pragmatic steps protect one’s economy from the very things he’s warning about. It’s beyond belief.

I think Matt’s talking points reveal a projection of his own doom-filled thinking and violent fantasies. He worries about neo-Nazis in his bedroom closet while staying eerily silent about the domestic terrorism committed by either the true “far right” (Sharia Law Islam, which is well-established in Great Britain) or the Alt Left squads of masked men beating up women and old people for holding American flags and trying to have pride in their country. Like all guilty men, he’s afraid of retribution. That’s why he thinks the Right is coming for him. The same goes for all of the scheming Cultural Marxists who watch their backs and become paranoid as everyday people wake up and realize they’ve been lied to for decades. There’s a favorite Bible verse that captures this phenomenon perfectly: The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion. (Proverbs 28:1) 

Finally, in classic liberal fashion, Matt consoles himself and the audience with the belief that the “next generation” will finally abandon the conservative ethos and unironically demand more games like Dream Daddies, where you get to play as old gay men dating each other. Yeah, that’s definitely how this is going to play out, right? That’s the way the wind is blowing, at least! A quote from Leigh Alexander’s notoriously hated anti-gamer rant about gamers being “dead” is included, saying that gamers don’t have to be the demographic of developers. Instead of thinking of gamers as customers who want an enjoyable experience, we’re told to think of gamers as being potential terrorists who are fleeing to virtual worlds temporarily as a form of self-medication, and that the progressive message needs to hit them hard in order to spare them from a future where people believe in things like meritocracy and economic growth, which are delusions. The jolly mask slips for just a moment as Matt gets frustrated and demands that developers either evolve “or die” — and then catches himself and laughs about how he might seem angry, but he’s really not! Ha ha ha.

“Almost lost my friendly and approachable demeanor there for a second. Do they suspect…?”

Just a happy and friendly joke. Everything returns to silliness and smiles, colloquial slang and relaxed posture. Big Brother is a smiling progressive face that will gently guide your steps to enlightenment. This concludes our rollercoaster ride!


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