Cultural Marxism Spotlight: Fascism Edition

#GamerGate and Other Atrocities

Unlike the rest of the world, the West is having cultural conflicts at the moment. Sad but true my friends. Africa, China, the Middle East and Korea are all happy and unified, but we damn westerners are dealing with the real issues we can’t get our acts together. What conflicts is he talking about? Could it be the thousands of innocent children being raped by gangs of migrants in his home country of England? The Orwellian police state that protects the guilty and punishes the patriotic? No specifics are given, but with a smile and a wink Matt assures us that we already know what he’s talking about. That stuff. The audience chuckles, knowing that it’s Donald Trump. The reason we in the West have cultural conflicts is because we’ve neglected to turn video games into digital indoctrination camps where we teach young people how to be progressive. But this is something entirely within our power if we just let go of our outdated notions of “fun” and “value”…

Once we understand that video games are nothing more than mindless distractions for the proletariat underclass (games are helpfully categorized into “grout” and “cement” to distinguish between temporary distractions like smartphone games and long-term investments like “hardcore” games) we can see how rubbish like “consumer rights” and “increased demands” are just byproducts of demented minds. Dangerous, toxic, antisocial people are the only ones who insist on being treated with respect, of course. The rest of us are laid back, cool, and sympathize with the challenges experienced by corporations and bureaucracies. Basic standards held by intelligent people? That’s just a fancy myth. Game developers shouldn’t care about the demands of their customers, and No Man’s Sky (I kid you not!) is given as a prime example.

As you can see, long-term immersion in an “all-consuming mono-culture” has “very real” consequences (no evidence is given). Is there anything more ironic than a Cultural Marxist or Social Justice Warrior accusing others of having an all-consuming monoculture? Everything that comes out of their mouth has to be approved by the politburo before they’re allowed to say it. Anyway, Matt insists that video games have a uniform culture of white male heroes, aggression against the exotic, meritocracy (what?), and competitiveness instead of themes of sharing and compassion, like Minecraft. If that sounds like utter jibberish that doesn’t withstand scrutiny for a second, you’re enjoying the aforementioned “rollercoaster” he warned you about. Overwatch and Undertale are also cited as examples of positive games, because they’re about friendship and diversity.


Turbo Primer Rollercoaster

Matt strongly emphasizes #GamerGate as an open-and-shut case of irrational bigotry against innocent female victims, and this justifies his zeal for reforming gaming culture. The original claims of citizen journalists were “debunked” and ignored by real and serious journalists (whose conflicts of interest are not relevant), and yet we witnessed the pure, unbridled hatred of gamers against females climax into the international fascist movement we’re seeing today! The defeat of Hillary Clinton and the Brexit vote are proof that gaming produces neo-nazis!

You see? The claims were immediately, utterly debunked. Everyone remembers #GamerGate for how fast and thorough the investigation into the claims were by journalists. It wasn’t a long conspiracy of silence followed by a massive coverup at all! This is when “far-right opportunists” decided to pounce upon the infuriated gaming culture, growing a “hate-group” (whatever that is) and successfully hijacking the minds of millions overnight. Not joking: Breitbart is named as the group who co-opted the gaming culture, and as we all know, Steve Bannon once said that Breitbart welcomed the “Alt Right” before anyone knew what that term meant. Ipso facto, #GamerGate = Alt Right. We may assume that the guilty party in all of this was Milo, who came late to the party and basically trolled liberals after the fact as an opportunist promoting his own brand of gay conservative libertarianism. But because the general public dismissed and ignored this hateful transformation, it spread freely and infected the whole world! Ahhhh!

Using this flawless chain of logic, we can see that hateful misogyny is the best explanation for why the majority of Americans rejected the unblemished Hillary Clinton, who is as innocent as the targets of #GamerGate.

Matt sprints through these talking points with urgency, not bothering to dwell on any of the details because, he says, that would just be opening up old wounds. The women who suffered from #GamerGate deserve to have the whole incident tossed into the memory hole like it never happened. And what’s more, the road to fascism was paved by the whole ordeal, and that’s more important than the truth of the incident that supposedly started the whole fiasco. What the hell does fascism have to do with any of this, you ask? Isn’t fascism the belief in a dictatorship or hierarchy instead of democracy? Does the lawful election of President Trump by American voters prove that gamers want fascism? You should know by now that words like “fascist” don’t have any real meaning anymore, and you need a Cultural Marxist to define everything for you. Don’t start thinking for yourself now!

Let’s see whether Matt’s definition of fascism matches his own side’s ideology even more than that of the new conservatives…

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