Cultural Marxism Spotlight: Fascism Edition

It’s that time of year again. Are you ready to be re-educated on why you’re evil?

Let’s talk about Matt Lees and his “Cultural Complicity” talk in this Gamescom 2017 presentation. Matt is a charming and eloquent Englishman who makes a living commenting on board games and video games. But according to what he tells us, his real objective is to educate people on the correct way of thinking about social issues by using silly humor; the gaming venue is just a convenient way of disseminating his views. He has made the slides of his presentation available here, which is nice.


The Way The Wind is Blowing

The enthusiastic tagline for Matt’s presentation is “It’s Everyone’s Problem!”, meaning that ordinary people should be vigilant in policing the culture around them. In my previous Cultural Marxism Spotlight I explained how cultural policing works. It’s not good enough to be a customer in a free market. No, you need to watch and report suspicious activity to the proper authorities. When there are no proper authorities around, mob justice will do. Thought Crime is everywhere you know! This is familiar rhetoric from the Cultural Marxist movement, which is ultimately about controlling the language and value systems of the West from the top down, as opposed to values and language emerging from the bottom up as it has traditionally. Whether or not Matt realizes that he has been deputized as a member of the Thought Police is unclear, but his talk specifically tries to mobilize average people into pushing back against the libertarian dominance in gaming culture, which he labels as “Alt-Right fascism” somehow.

Matt begins with a call to social responsibility, which he admits is a form of work. Gamers ought to be mindful of the burden they carry. You can’t shrug it off by claiming to have rights and freedoms. Gaming, like all entertainment, should accept its inevitable role as a propaganda medium. It’s about regulating behavior, not enjoying an artistic studio’s work and supporting with your money. Cultural Marxists hate artists unless they are compliant and pushing the correct agenda, in which case they’re promoted temporarily. We’re all on thin ice, though. Gaming is too powerful to be culturally unregulated at this point, because it leads to “irrational” tendencies when not harnessed for the Greater Good. I was surprised to hear Matt acknowledge that there are many “disenfranchised” people are flocking to games and living in their virtual worlds as a way to escape suffering and fill the miserable holes in their lives, but this forms the basis of why he thinks they need to be pointed in the right direction. Games need to become the judicious Big Brother who will think on your behalf, watch your activity, and suppress your dark inclinations. Otherwise: Nazis.

I might be getting a little facetious there, but I’m concerned that this is where the Left is trying to take gaming. When I listen to Matt I get worried that gamers will be conscripted into labor units where they will enforce a progressive “tone” in the global community. We’ve seen the hivemind at work on places like Reddit and NeoGaf, where the great Western tradition of clashing debates has been replaced with ideological uniformity and fear of expressing contrary views. Matt insists that social media platforms like Twitter are just another form of video game, and so it makes sense to him that “gamers” should be enlisted to do their part. And who decides what progress is, anyway? This is a simple answer: it’s whichever way “the wind is blowing”. Now that’s progress! A solid belief system you can get behind, wouldn’t you agree? Nothing irrational about floating whichever way the wind is blowing! In fact, the only way to eliminate the irrational is by obeying the cosmic winds, which gently pushes us all towards the utopia we’ve been promised. You might say that “the way the wind is blowing” sounds like half-assed code talk for “the mainstream narrative”, but you shouldn’t think about it too much. Matt quickly points out that you can become empowered and have an easier time once you embrace the collectivist morality instead of thinking for yourself. Join the team, because then you won’t be targeted!

After bragging about using “silly jokes” to hide his real agenda, Matt warns us that he’s about to take us on a “rollercoaster” of logic. Cultural Marxists always do this. They preface their talks with disclaimers and warnings that prepare the crowd to be dumbfounded by broken arguments, and then use exaggerations, sarcasm, and dismissive “jokes” to make their points instead of following a coherent train of thought. They quickly jump between many disparate talking points while regularly smacking you over the head with guilt and social pressure, which is the only real message. You walk away feeling reprimanded, not educated, by somebody who must be smarter and more sophisticated than you: you couldn’t understand what they were saying, so you must be dumber than them!

So yes, the arguments here are going to get extremely fuzzy. And speaking of fuzzy… here’s a bear!

I added the red text to this slide. The rest is actually his.

Pick up your hammer and sickle comrade, and let’s tackle fascism in the next page…

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