Cultural Marxism Spotlight: Obesity Edition

The Thought Police

The culture war needs soldiers, and those soldiers are being recruited in universities. If you are willing to discard your own brain, trust the Narrative, and conform to the rhetoric and cultural uniform of the Cultural Marxist regime, you will enter their ranks with the promise of promotion if you demonstrate a complete lack of shame. Being a “liberal” isn’t a thing anymore. Classic liberalism involves using your brain to figure out how to solve problems and improve society, but that’s not allowed. This is Marxist revolution sponsored by the wealthy and the elite. Some might call it an Inquisition. Rich people can become the oppressed underclass if they identify as a minority and bark the rhetoric obediently; many celebrities escape persecution by becoming an activist. Movements like Black Lives Matter have deep political connections to foreign billionaires bent on establishing global government: the same government that Marxists want, managed by the elite expert Politburo. In this war, “higher education” institutions serve as boot camps for training and militarization. Their intellects have been stripped away, and their pretenses to be independent social movements only interested in furthering progress and equality have practically been dropped, but they still have the same ruthless ambition we need to deal with.

How many fingers is he holding up?

Thought Police, Newspeak, and Thoughtcrime were introduced as concepts in George Orwell’s prophetic 1984, in which he saw Cultural Marxism and the dangerous road beyond political correctness. A new party language, invented to dumb down people and strip away nuance and cultural history, is combined with a citizen spy network constantly betraying each other and destroying any hope for permanent meaningful bonds — the glue necessary to resist oppression as a united force. Children betray their parents, co-workers betray each other, and everyone stays on edge, trying their best to memorize and conform. Exercises in irrationality such as “War is Peace” and “Ignorance is Strength” allow the managerial class of rulers to wage endless war on their opponents and their own people. The ultimate climax of the book comes when the protagonist, who thus far has struggled to conform and hoped to rebel, is captured by the Thought Police. Winston is forced to answer a simple question: how many fingers is the torturer holding up? Winston clearly sees four fingers, and answers “four”. The officer then asks him what his answer would be if the Party told him it was actually five fingers. Winston answers, “four”. He trusts his own judgment. For this he receives punishment, until eventually he says “five”, hoping to simply escape the pain. But it’s not good enough to answer “five” just to please the Thought Police. The torture continues until eventually Winston is completely broken and terrified, unable to see straight, and can only answer that he doesn’t know. This is the answer they want to hear.

What do we see happening today? With Todd’s presentation we have the absurd disclaimers and “trigger warnings” that seem to be necessary before anyone is allowed to voice their own opinion. It may as well be Newspeak. We have the abandonment of fact and logic in favor of Appeals to Emotion (a logical fallacy) and a twisting of everything to fit the Narrative. We have a self-described “egomaniac” trying to elicit sympathy because people have mocked him in the past. Plenty of egomaniacs get mocked because they’re assholes, but the insults will always depend on what their most obvious flaw or sensitive spot is. If you’re an egomaniac missing your front teeth, people will make fun of you for having missing teeth, but they’ll do it because you’re an asshole, not because they truly want to hurt your feelings despite being a great guy. We have sympathy towards the afflicted if they’re good people. That’s one of the key tricks of Cultural Marxism today: turn a generation of kids into unbearable dipshits, and then convert all the hostility against them into victimhood so they can claim moral high ground.



Engineered Dysfunction

I believe dialectical engineering has dictated almost every era of American history since around World War I. Events like the Great Depression, which was totally uncessary and allowed to happen, set the stage for social unrest and made military conscription seem more appealing. A nation at war without men to produce arms forced women to leave the home and enter the workforce. When the men came back, they found that everything was different, sullied, and traumatized. Alienated, they turned to a myriad of self-destructive habits, from alcohol and smoking to drugs and overworking themselves, trying to relive the glory days with extreme consumption and spending. Already, we can see how the home was fractured, and the pillars of Western civilization began to erode as innocence and stability were shattered. As part of this destabilization process, exaggerated racism and bigotry was sewn into white culture, while the black population was pushed into ghettos that would eventually be flooded with drugs and weapons. The classic Marxist notion of “haves and have nots” needed to be carefully engineered in America. The handful of true manipulators conspired to shape both “sides” of the political spectrum to achieve the dysfunction we have today. Divorce rates, useless degrees with impossible student debt, and the prevalence of pornography all reek of Cultural Marxist success stories. You should be skeptical of such lofty claims and theories, of course, which is why I suggest you pay attention and do your own research if you doubt it.

Below is an old, fascinating video interview with a KGB propaganda specialist with invaluable insights into how cultural subversion was approached by the Soviets. Although their economy was in shambles and the military was inferior, their main concern was ideological influence and subversion, it turns out. And although I personally believe that both the Soviet Union and the United States were being manipulated in unison by transnational forces pitting them against each other, that’s a different theory altogether. The point here is that ideological subversion and destabilization of the West was a very real goal of a very real organization, and you can hear for yourself how effective it was. Considering how old the interview is, I challenge the reader to say that the methods and trends discussed by Mr. Bezmenov are not still being used by the social engineers of our times.

To whet your appetite, let me give you a quotation from the interview. While responding to confusion about why on Earth the KGB and the Politburo have a tendency to mass-execute their own leftist converts before the real revolution happens, Mr. Bezmenov says this: “Simply because the psychological shock — when they will see what the beautiful society of Equality and Social Justice means in practice — obviously they will revolt. They will be unhappy, frustrated people. And Marxist-Lenninist regime does not tolerate these people.” The wave of disillusionment that happens when the “useful idiots” who genuinely believe in the progressive agenda is more dangerous than even the opposition of the conservative people. Why? Because the disillusioned activists know too much, and can expose it all. Perhaps this is why the Baby Boomers and their classic idealistic rhetoric is being replaced by violent, militarized Social Justice Warriors who don’t want to debate and have no pretenses about moral high grounds. Perhaps we have shifted into the next phase, where destruction and destabilization needs to become physical, not intellectual. It’s up to us to figure out how the game is being played today.


The Video Game Connection

I would be remiss to not discuss where video games actually fit into all of this. Many years ago I wrote about Video Games in the Master Plan, which essentially was a theory that games were under attack culturally because they were NOT under the guidance of the social engineers of the world. I stand by that theory. Because games are a legitimate marketplace not propped up by a cultural hegemony like Hollywood is, it means game companies have to either obey the demands of real people or go out of business. This results in a diverse marketplace where indie developers and giant corporations can both enjoy success, and where the standards of what is deemed culturally acceptable is as broad as humanity itself. Those who want progressive narratives can have them, and so can those who want a bizarre, insular culture of machismo, hackneyed stereotypes, and unapologetic testosterone. It’s one of the few havens for the hated “male culture”. The SJW types and Cultural Marxists trying to weasel their way in and commandeer the direction of gaming are failing. We are aware of them, even if most of us don’t realize how deep and old the roots of “SJW” truly are.

I’d like to think that Todd and his peers are simply vindictive counter-bullies hoping to leverage the overreaches of political correctness happening around the world so they can get revenge by ruining the fun of people who once mocked them. By becoming an expert on gaming culture and being invited to things like GDC, maybe they can spoil the culture and become a thorn in the side of all those alpha-male jocks (are they called “chads” nowadays?) who taunted them in school. I’d like to think they aren’t aware of the destruction they are participating in — “useful idiots” as Mr. Bezmenov would call them — unable to recognize the intellectual fraud they are participating in. I have no way of knowing, but I do hope that every person who reads this will become more wary and vigilant in versing themselves in logic and logical fallacies, identity politics, and the media-education complex. I recommend John Taylor Gatto’s Underground History of American Education to help unlearn the stupidity you’ve probably been subjected to if you went to public schooling as a kid. Hopefully together we can all solve the problem of the problematic problem-seekers.


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