Where I am on social media

My Twitter account is here. This is where I discuss world news, videogames, internet culture, and reply to other people on Twitter. I’ve used it for a long time. There’s not a lot of actual Metal Gear discussion, but if you want to see what I think about all sorts of things, follow me there.

My Gab account is here. It’s a new site. A handful of you may be interested in hearing raw political commentary, controversial opinions, or philosophy from me. Gab is basically a brand new alternative to Twitter that isn’t censored and managed by the “Social Justice Warrior” side of society, but rather a free speech advocate. It’s got longer character limits — not long enough to be a blog, but just pretty good for substantial back-and-forth discussion about topics. It could use more people, but for now it’s a dumping place for my thoughts on current affairs, history, etc.


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