A Brief Discussion of the World’s Future


Let’s talk about globalism for a moment.

Note: This article has nothing to do with videogames, although it has been on my mind since I started anticipating the “RACE” theme of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.  This is purely a commentary on world affairs and the direction things are going.  I hope you’re interested in the subject, but if you’re sensitive about the subject or don’t want my views on them, go ahead and ignore this.


Global business: The Trans Pacific Partnership and its siblings

In case you haven’t heard about the TPP yet, it’s a tentacle of the doomsday conspiracy agreement developed in secret by big business and the US government to give multinational corporations legal supremacy over any country’s regulations or concerns.  The TPP, TTIP, and the TISA are the very definition of a global conspiracy to undermine public interest, and there is virtually nothing we can do to stop it because they are being created in absolute secrecy.  Even governments are left in the dark, and sifting through the endless pages of legalese bullshit is meant to obscure as much of the actual details as possible.  Thanks to WikiLeaks we know enough to glimpse the horrors that lay in wait, and I recommend watching the short video above to get a basic idea.

There was much public fury surrounding the SOPA, CISA, and other bills that sought to destroy Net Neutrality in recent years, but they were all jokes compared to this.  The Internet as we know it will cease to exist.  Total censorship power under the guise of strengthened “intellectual property protections” will mean that everything from reporting on a company’s illegal activities on a news site to making a friendly YouTube video about your favorite game could be shut down and erased in a “shoot first, ask questions later” system; extortionate prices for pharmaceuticals will be normal; privatization and outsourcing of any government company or service will be impossible to stop; no more environmental protection or carbon footprint nonsense.  Literally anything that hurts their ability to make profit will become illegal, and these corporations will be allowed to sue anyone who tries to stop them — using their own secret tribunal system!  This is a nightmare scenario,  and even the governments affected are being kept in the dark and asked to support it blindly.  Thanks to WikiLeaks we know a little, but there are still huge areas of policy that remain secret.  With enough public attention and leaks they might be stopped, but if it’s already gone this far, there’s no chance that those let drop the idea.


Global currency: The Phoenix

World currency

The original reason for making this post was a desire to share this article by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com, called “The Economic End Game Explained”.  Although there have been plenty of scares revolving around a theoretical global currency over the decades, this article has a much more contemporary and factual analysis of what’s around the corner, and it’s fascinating:

In 1988, the financial magazine ‘The Economist’ published an article titled “Get ready for a world currency by 2018,” in which it outlined the framework for a global currency system called the “Phoenix” (a hypothetical title), administered by the International Monetary Fund by the year 2018, which would erase all national economic sovereignty and require governments to borrow from the world central banking authority, rather than print, in order to finance their infrastructure programs. This would mean total control by the IMF over member nations as they beg and plead for more capital under the global currency umbrella.

Despite being reported by The Econoimist as a serious inevitability, this probably sounds like another far-fetched theory meant to grab readers attention and sell magazines.  But those who know about The Economist realize there’s more to that publication than meets the eye:

It is important to note that ‘The Economist’ is not just any random financial publication; it is in large part owned by the Rothschild banking family and is based out of the London financial center, meaning, The Economist does not have to “guess” on the economic developments of the future; it has an inside track on exactly what is planned to occur.

Once you understand that “globalization” is the biggest agenda of our age, you see that wrecking the US dollar is a small price to pay for the establishment of a global currency.  It’s not a new concept by any means, but it’s certainty becoming increasingly relevant today.  If you want a more dramatic and entertaining explanation of it, watch this:


The excellent piece by Brandon Smith connects these old concepts with the current state of chaos.  Multiple debt crises, market crashes, bankruptcies, bailouts, stimulus plans, government shutdowns, national credit ratings have all been happening at an alarming rate in the last 10 years, as if to speed up the destruction of the global economy as quickly as possible — and with it, the US dollar’s status as the “reserve currency” that supports every other currency.  The recent, seemingly suicidal choice by the Federal Reserve to raise loan rates in the near future despite the fragile state of the economy makes it extremely likely that we’ll see a complete global economic crash within a year or two.  A new, more stable global currency would sure seem nice then!  Back in 2009 the warnings about shifting away from the greenback to a new currency — specifically a global basket currency created by the IMF — was making news:

Holding the world’s reserve currency means that the Fed essentially conducts monetary policy for everyone else. This puts tremendous power in the hands of the Fed, whose only official mandate is to keep U.S. growth and prices in balance. The catch is that the right economic policies for the United States may not be appropriate for other parts of the world.  [No shit!]

There has been much debate of late on the use of the greenback as a reserve currency given the financial crisis and the weakness in the dollar and America’s fiscal deterioration. [Actually, it’s been in debate since 1988.]

China, the world’s largest holder of reserves with roughly $2-trillion worth, as well as Russia have made noises this year about shifting away from the dollar. Earlier this year, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao suggested replacing the dollar with a basket of currencies overseen by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

So if you think that old 1988 article about the IMF currency was hogwash, guess again.  It’s just around the corner, right on schedule to make its entrance in 2018 as predicted.  Again, please read the full article for yourself and decide for yourself how realistic the possibility is.


Globalization gone genetic: The troubling campaign for mandated race-mixing

mixed race

Here’s where you get really uncomfortable!  I’ve recently taken interest in the story of racial mixing as a globalist priority.  A worldwide interracial convergence is plainly on the agenda in Europe — which shouldn’t really be all that surprising, given that the whole mandate of globalism is to unify people around the world into a single homogeneous population.  Let me make it clear that I’m not against interracial marriage, and that I don’t have a racial purity instinct.

The current situation in Europe, with the Arab/African refugee invasion, is a historic powerplay by the globalists designed to violently, coercively achieve that great ethnic melting pot — and in a video I’ve embedded further below you’ll see the President of France tell you this explicitly, in no uncertain terms.  It would be unbelievable if it wasn’t fact.

It’s no secret that the United Nations is primarily devoted to forging a single global partnership, but we usually think of meeting of world leaders in the UN assembly.  But they obviously accomplish much more than that.  They have a standing army, for one.  This means having a sophisticated intelligence branch, with spies and contacts all over the world.  Even more powerful than an army, however, is the ability to enlist the help of key people in politics and business to fulfill their globalist ideology.  They hand out awards, broker deals, fund projects, and make important things happen in nations around the world, without the consent of the people who live there; they are not a democracy in any sense, but a tribunal of the elite who decide what the problems are, and how they need to be solved.  They do everything in the name of “equality” and “peace”, which directly translates into “subjugation” and “control” without all that dictatorship business.

On the topic of race, they are as progressive as can be.  Progress, after all, is defined by globalist political correctness.  They preach the benefits of increased migration and ethnic diversity, while demonizing any culture that wants to protect their heritage and historical identity by denying outsiders or discouraging integration.  That’s unequal and racist, they say.  It’s not enough to respect others and remain different, we must all become a “melting pot” of cultures.

If you ask people in South America what “whitening” is, there’s a good chance they’ll know.  It’s the mass immigration of white Europeans to their countries for the specific purpose of breeding, created as a public policy in the wake of World War II.  Germans especially were exported there, with the idea being that white genes (Aryan, preferably,) would help civilize and improve their population in future generations through sheer genetic force.  This is an extension of Darwinist thinking.  Being lighter than your parents meant you had “upward mobility” in society.  This has continued for generations, and it’s not a simple subject.  The point is, it happened, and policy makers wanted it to happen, so they found ways to make it happen.  Blacks and other dark-skinned people are often offended at the idea that mixing with white people is somehow a step up in life — that there’s something inferior about having kids with somebody dark.  Obviously they are correct to be offended.  But the idea that whites are undergoing forced integration with Arabs and Africans in our present day is probably considered ludicrous conspiracy talk.  Well, here’s the video to help you see for yourself:


The current situation in Europe is a planned disaster.  Today, it finally became official that the refugees are not peaceful people coming for protection from war, but an invading force that only plays by its own rules.  The scheme to subvert and eventually overtake European (and eventually North American) nations stretches back to World War II, and involves the principle of Hegelian Dialectics to first create an extreme problem (such as racist Nazism and ultranationalist bigotry) then provide an extreme solution (complete subservience to political correctness).  The end result is the actual goal from the beginning: a population with low birth rates, no national pride, no ethnic identity, and mental conditioning to accept even the most extreme discomfort from foreigners because of distant historical shames; people who can be invaded and raped without an instinct to organize and protect themselves with force.  If you watched the video above, you see Nicolas Sarkozy openly state that interracial breeding is the goal, and that extreme measures would be taken if the French didn’t do it voluntarily.  This is only one small part of the international, globalist marathon.

This article explains the increase of war-like “no go zones” in Europe, where Muslims have taken over sections of cities to establish Sharia law.

In the Tower Hamlets area of East London (also known as the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets), for example, extremist Muslim preachers, called the Tower Hamlets Taliban, regularly issue death threats to women who refuse to wear Islamic veils. Neighborhood streets have been plastered with posters declaring “You are entering a Sharia controlled zone: Islamic rules enforced.” And street advertising deemed offensive to Muslims is regularly vandalized or blacked out with spray paint.



I don’t think I need to elaborate much further on the current problems, but it’s important to keep it all in context.  These are not isolated events.  Secretive pacts such as the TPP, as well as globalist efforts to destroy currency and reshape race/culture are ongoing.  Quadrillions of dollars — and decades of highly coordinated effort — go into these conspiracies, and we’re witnessing the upcoming climax before our very eyes.  It’s hard to believe, even for me, but it’s impossible for me to deny the truth.  Voting for Donald Trump won’t help.  Democracy takes a back seat to real power.  The only reason America isn’t experiencing the same thing is because of gun culture, which is why globalists such as [insert any influential politician here] are constantly preaching for gun control and the destruction of the 2nd Amendment.  Every month, Americans are subjected to mass shootings and outrageous racist incidents in the hopes that upcoming generations will forsake their right to protect themselves and the seeds of political correctness will take root more deeply.  Being Canadian, I have no particular love for American history on any side, but the recent attack on the “Confederate Flag” and the identity of proud whites and Christians has been a glaringly obvious smear campaign.  I mean really, banning games that have the Confederate flag in the Apple Store?  Is it a Nazi flag suddenly?  Ridiculous.  I guess in the age of the Internet, where people don’t listen to traditional mainstream media as an authority, more extreme and blatant measures need to be taken.


As a final, more personal note, I don’t have any solution to offer.  Buying guns and voting for Trump won’t turn the tide.  It will just make things awkward when the time comes.  As a Bible-believing Christian, I don’t have any hope for this present world — only for individuals who find enlightenment and spiritual salvation.  That’s a pretty bleak outlook, I know.  But I feel compelled to tell the truth as best I can, to edify anyone who is willing to listen.

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